Worsted spinning mills: fit for Industry 4.0 with Saurer

Looking beyond worsted spinning: with new applications for this traditional spinning process gaining popularity, the worsted spinning industry has the opportunity to modernise and adapt production facilities in line with Industry 4.0. Saurer’s technologies can play an integral part in this.

Worsted yarns – traditional and functional in use

In recent years, the range of application for worsted yarns has increased enormously. Beyond traditional applications, the versatile properties of the wool are also being used increasingly in the functional area. High thermal retention, good moisture absorption, low density and low flammability are just a few of its special characteristics. As a result, wool worsted yarns are optimally suited for seat covers, and are also finding increasing use for other parts in the interior of vehicles and aircraft, and also as functional clothing for sports and outdoor activities. High wearing comfort, extremely comfortable grip, very low weight and durability are unbeatable advantages.

Saurer is the market leader in worsted spinning and with its extensive knowledge, can position its customers ideally to meet the challenges of the future. Especially in fully automated linked installations, many efficiency factors can be optimally exploited, such as use of space, coordination of spinning and winding capacity, labour requirements and quality management.

Saurer ZI 451

Fit for more productivity and quality

Saurer’s worsted spinning and winding machines are ideal partners for intelligent machine and data communication. The new Energy Monitoring ensures that power consumption is monitored at all times, and so, the operators have maximum transparency for easy resource optimisation. The latest RFID technology, various sensors for data collection/analysis and self-optimising control loops are the basis for more intensive integration of the processes, and for high productivity and quality. The material flow is completely tracked, capacity variations can be equalised, the bobbins and tubes go directly to the right processing aggregates.

Online quality monitoring systems (SPID, Q-Package) with numerous functions on the winding machine Autoconer ensure that the high quality standard in the worsted yarn industry is met, and perfectly supplement the optimisation and control systems on the ring-spinning machine Z 451.

The self-optimisation tool OptiSpeed is used in combination with individual spindle monitoring (ISM) makes the spinning machines intelligent. ISM leads the operator to spindles where a manual intervention is needed. At the same time, the roving stop system ensures that no valuable raw materials are wasted while the operator comes to tend the spindle. OptiSpeed ensures automatic speed maximisation. The operator can set the limits for yarn breakage per 1 000 Sph. With better roving quality, OptiSpeed increases the speed until the yarn break limit is reached or, conversely, slows down if there are more breaks. This means it optimises productivity according to roving quality. The system reacts quickly and fully automatically, which means fewer staff members are needed.

Saurer Autoconer packages

Fit for more flexibility

The Z 451 produces ring and compact yarns as well as fancy, core and siro yarns. Particularly worthy of mention is the unique, self-cleaning compact system Impact FX. The system is inured to wool grease, textile lubricants, and finishing agents. The walk effect at the deflection point of the apron prevents trash particles and fibre fragments from becoming lodged. The linear air flow creates optimum aerodynamics, so that no accumulations of dirt or blockages can arise. The step less adjustable over delivery and the independent Impact FX vacuum unit supply enable its use in wool processing.

However, it is not only its flexibility with regard to yarn counts and raw materials that distinguish the Saurer worsted spinning process. This is also true for its winding machine Autoconer. Thanks to an individual, software-controlled package build, PreciFX delivers package formats optimally and flexibly adapted to the requirements of the respective downstream processing, e.g. 3"-packages for twisting, dye packages with round edge design for uniform dyeing. The Thermosplicer is the benchmark in the market and, in terms of appearance and strength, delivers yarn-like spliced joints.

For rapid, effective lot changes, all spinning, winding and process parameters can be adapted at the push of a button. Spinnfinity ensures underwind-free doffing on the worsted spinning machine and Q-Package - intelligent feed-material changing strategies on the Autoconer reduce the manual setup effort to a minimum.

Senses, the new mill management system, is the ideal completion to the machine park for profitably optimising the use of raw materials, time, personnel, energy and capital.

With Saurer equipment, the worsted yarn industry is ideally equipped for any request.