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Textile technology, textile laboratory
Maintenance and repair
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A better future always starts with us. Sometimes it’s down to the clothes we wear or the textiles around us.

Sustainably-produced textiles are the key to that better future.

As a result, Saurer has been developing its textile machinery for years based on the strict requirements of our E³ product promise: Energy, Economics, Ergonomics. We add value for you with our innovative products.

Saurer’s backs this promise throughout the machines’ entire service lives.

A life-cycle partnership for your spinning and winding mills.

Saurer original parts Hochformat

Original parts – Be competitive.

Multiple patents. Exclusive. For outstanding productivity and yarn quality.

  • Our proven brand-name consumable parts:
    - Belcoro spinning components for Autocoro
    - Value Line spinning components for BD
    - Belairo spinning components for Autoairo
    - Texparts for Zinser Systems
  • Order parts easily online at Secos e-shop. With real-time information on availability and lead time
  • Many parts are available directly in our local warehouses. Talk to us:
Academy Onsite Training Autoconer

Updates and Upgrades

Let us boost your productivity and improve your spinning mill’s performance. Keep your machinery up-to-date with modifications, retrofit solutions and software updates. 

  • Energy saving and energy monitoring: 
    Reduce annual electricity costs
  • Increase flexibility: Ready for virtually all fashion trends
  • Intelligent mill management with Senses
  • Optimised use of raw materials and recycled fibres
  • Ask us:


CSC video conference with India

Digital services

Personal contact is important, but digital is sometimes as good as face-to-face. We can help you. Anywhere. At any time. 24/7.


Saurer Textile Laboratories

Advice on textile technology and textile laboratory – Optimise.

You can have your materials spun to your specific requirements in our Customer Technology Centres around the world – while you watch the process live.

  • Fibre and material tests
  • Spinning and winding tests
  • Advice on textile technology for sustainable production, standards compliance, e.g. GOTS, recycling, etc.
  • Support in implementing the latest fashion trends
  • Textile laboratory. Ask for our price list:


Learn more about our range of services. We deliver the documents to you as a PDF download.

Textile Technology brochure EN
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FU Service

Preventive maintenance services

We protect your machines. For maximum efficiency, top yarn quality and productivity throughout a machine’s entire lifetime.

  • Health Checks: Service checks of your spinning machines and winders for wear and possible defects
  • Corolab Service for Autocoro and BD machines: All-round electronic service for your cleaner (calibration, testing and configuration of all parameters, software updates, training)
  • Frequency Inverter Service: Professional functional diagnostics with proprietary Saurer intelligent early warning system. Protects against overloading and extends the service life
  • Choose between cost-saving service agreements and individual inspections as required:
Maintenance Frequency Inverter Ringspinnmaschine

On-site service: Our Customer Service Centres  

Benefit from our global network of Customer Service Centres. There is one near you, too. Rapid. On-site.

  • Function checks with proprietary Saurer diagnostic tools
  • Preventive maintenance services
  • Repair service
  • Pool service for used, refurbished electronic components with a manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Expert local contacts in your national language:

Our services by product line:

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