What we offer

There are a number of advantages to working for Saurer. We hope they speak to you and look forward to receiving your application soon!

Become a valued member of the team

At Saurer, we appreciate that each employee has unique contributions to make. Our culture of trust means that you will be able to take your own initiative in your working life and play an important part in a leading technology company. Our aim is to make the on-boarding process of new employees as smooth and comprehensive as possible, to ensure that you thrive in a familiar environment that is also a door to the wider world.
The development of your career is important to us – as the needs of our industry keep changing, it is vital that we ensure that our employees’ skills are relevant and up to date. Aside from undergoing the necessary compulsory training, you will have the opportunity to learn from mentors as well as in workshops and seminars. We believe in developing our employees’ strengths in order to help them grow professionally.  
Our innovations would not be possible without teamwork. No matter their location or business line, our teams around the globe work together to achieve our common goal. Our five core values also guide our behaviours and actions, ensuring that we work together effectively. Respect forms an important component of it – we strive to ensure that all the members of our team treat one another respectfully to ensure everyone can enjoy a healthy working relationship with the members of their team.
There is simply no compromise when it comes to workplace safety – we ensure that Saurer fulfils all the necessary requirements to ensure that our employees are safe on the job.
We also take great pride in ensuring that our employees are fulfilled and happy in their roles. Part of this includes, for example, promoting an optimal work-life balance and flexible working hours. 

Experience an interesting and dynamic environment

For over 160 years, we at Saurer have made it our task to stay at the forefront of technological development. With Industry 4.0 increasingly makes its presence felt, this is an exciting time to be working for a manufacturer of highly specialised equipment and components like Saurer.
At Saurer, we are not focusing only on technology and services – while many may associate Saurer with its physical offerings, a vital part of our goal is to provide solutions that go beyond machinery for our customers. Our efforts are directed towards our clients' needs and every member of our team, no matter their role, will play a part in ensuring that we support our clients in fulfilling their business aspirations.

Be part of an international company

Founded in Switzerland, today Saurer has R&D centres, manufacturing sites and sales offices across the world. Having a workforce that is spread across various geographies is a definite advantage: Our employees’ different backgrounds, experiences and education help us to see the industry from many different angles, which ensures that our solutions are innovative and address very specific customer needs.
Apply to one of our positions and – who knows – perhaps you will soon be walking through ours doors as the newest member of the Saurer team. We look forward to receiving your application!