Piecings – key contributor to productivity

Behind the red suction arms protruding from Saurer’s spinning machines lies powerful SynchroPiecing technology, which has a great impact on customers’ profitability.

2020 05 Autocoro SynchroPiecing EN

Piecings, while tiny, have a big effect on the productivity of the machine. Our patented SynchroPiecing technology carries out these piecing operations at each individual spinning position, meaning that yarn breaks are pieced immediately after they happen without the need for a robot to travel to the relevant position. “We already introduced SynchroPiecing, then with the ability to carry out 12 piecing operations simultaneously, in 2011. Today, it enables the Autocoro to carry out 36 simultaneous operations,” says Dr. Tai Mac, Business Line Director Open-End Spinning. “SynchroPiecing is the key gene of our Autocoro fully-automatic rotor spinning machine and it is the base for further unique functions.”

Autocoro SynchroPiecing
“SynchroPiecing is the key gene and the base for further unique functions.“
Autocoro SynchroPiecing
Raw material: more flexibility
Autocoro customers benefit from SynchroPiecing with a faster machine ramp-up and the usage of low grade raw materials. In response to a major industry trend, recycled raw materials can now be processed at higher speeds.
As spinning stability of raw material can be disregarded, the resulting increase in rotor speed means a productivity increase of up to 30% compared to conventional machines in the case of Autocoro and more choice regarding the types of raw materials they can use. SynchroPiecing has helped customers around the world to boost production: today, it is an integral part of almost one million spinning positions.

Hard facts SynchroPiecing

  • Highly precise measuring and testing devices for all process stages
  • Seamless integration into Senses, the digital mill management system
  • Enables consistent quality management
  • For all fibre and yarn types used in staple-fibre spinning
  • Also as complete turnkey solution including personnel training