Focusing on the details

Small technologies take our customers farther: from the output of our machines, to tiny elements making up our spinning solutions, the impact of these small marvels deserves recognition.

Powering the data revolution

Glass filament, measuring 0.005 mm in diameter, is integral to the next leap in telecommunications: 5G. As providers are rolling out this technology across the world, thousands of kilometres of lightweight reinforcement filaments are needed for miniscule circuit boards for use in mobile phones. Our customers at the forefront of this technological movement supply glass filaments for these printed circuit boards. They produce these on the Saurer CakeFormingWinder and on the GlassTwister VGT8 and VGT9 (see p. 14 of our  "Insight" customer magazine, available for download below).

With bandwidth increasing, researchers estimate that the number of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) will number around 100 billion this year. Interconnected systems will have a profound impact on people’s work and home lives, while transforming our cities and the way we travel via autonomous cars.

Breaking records

Components, while small, play a fundamental role in yarn and fibre processing. The positive impact of quality components can be seen downstream in the textile processing chain – even down to the end products that find their way into trendsetters’ cupboards.

While the ring traveller system determines the performance limit of ring spinning, Saurer meets the industry’s expectations regarding spinning speed, which is continuously increasing. Spindles from the company’s Texparts product line have among the fastest rotations in the world, even up to 26 000 rpm depending on type of fibre used. Using these components, discerning customers are able to produce yarns of various quality grades to ensure the best fit for the required product. While its name has changed since, the product line today known as Texparts has gathered a century’s worth of experience. Today, it is renowned in the sector and synonymous with quality yarn.

Redefining toughness

Zooming in on a microscopic level, rotors from Saurer are covered with a patented 3d coating composed of boride and diamonds. We spares no expense – each such layer contains 0.2 g industrial diamonds, equivalent to around 1 carat. This special coating technology ensures an absolutely homogeneous layer across the component’s entire surface – this is true for even the most intricate contours, like for instance rotor grooves. The boride layer protects the rotor grooves after the diamond layer has worn off. This hard, wear resistant surface makes our 3d-coated rotor almost twice as durable.

Lighting the way to greater output

The designs of our air-spinning machine Autoairo and rotor-spinning machine Autocoro incorporates a small but efficiency-enhancing feature. LED strips light up in different colours depending on what is affecting a spindle position’s performance.

These lights are visible from a great distance and act as a visual signal for operators. They indicate whether a can is running low or if a spindle needs attention, for example. With this feature, which is easy to understand, operators can use their time effectively without having to hurry back and forth unnecessarily. The resulting increase in productivity has a positive impact on customers’ businesses.

It is vital to remember how small things can make a massive contribution. At Saurer, we will continue to produce little innovations that make all the difference.