Senses Element Recipe for optimal machine settings

With Senses Element Recipe, you keep an eye on everything related to your recipe management. With automated monitoring and storing of all machine settings, you will always be able to track of any important information about your recipes. With the ability to compare multiple recipes in our mill management system Senses with one click, you simplify your staff's workload. Traceability of changes in machine settings ensures the quality of your end product at all times. The simple, accurate and fast lot change with the Element Recipe reduces the downtime of your machines.

Senses Recipe Detailview

Compare settings

In Senses Element Recipe, all recipes that are the collection of different machine settings, are transferred and collected. The Element Recipe provides assistance, such as the simplified visualisation of different settings for the same material on several machines. This leads to a significant reduction in workload. Because with one click in Senses, settings on different machines can be easily compared and checked.

Senses Recipe Overview

Recipe optimisation

Senses Element Recipe shows the users if someone has changed something in the settings. This ensures the quality of your end product is protected at all times in the event of unauthorised changes to settings. Furthermore, important machine settings are stored in Senses, so that even after the departure of employees who have made certain settings on machines, the loss of know-how is minimised. As there is no limit to the number of recipes stored in Senses, Senses Element Recipe allows precise setting optimisations tailored to your product.

Easy, accurate and fast lot change

The Element Recipe enables accurate lot changes by preventing manual data entry errors. To significantly simplify the work process of changing lots, these are carried out with a single click. Digital data transparency during the lot change reduces the downtime of your machines.