Saurer accompanies customers on their digitalisation growth journey

Digitalisation is playing an increasingly important role in the textile world. In order for a company to anchor digital products and processes, they need a reliable partner. Saurer guides customers along this path – taking into consideration the requirements and possibilities of each company.


Grow with the system

The Senses mill management system is a solution dedicated to the digitalisation of textile customer processes and adapts to the needs of the company. With the purchase of Senses, the customer not only has the possibility to collect, bundle and analyse all relevant data, but also to individually expand the degree of digitalisation of the processes using the Senses Elements. In addition to the use of a mill management system, it is also necessary to implement the digital processes in the company's day-to-day operations. In order to live this in the company itself, we offer with Senses, possibilities to use different monitors in the spinning mill to make the most important production and quality data clearly and digitally visible to all employees.

Create transparency

Senses offers a variety of functions to increase the transparency of individual processes within the spinning mill. The Off-Standard view, for example, shows all data that exceeds or falls below limits set by the customer and alerts the relevant spinning mill employees live and at a glance. This way, employees can intervene in time to maximise machine productivity. The Multi-Process view, on the other hand, shows all values along the various production stages side by side in an overview, so that conclusions can be drawn as to which production stage is not achieving optimum results. Thanks to the transparent production and quality data, the Senses user always has their entire spinning mill in view and increases the efficiency of individual spinning and winding machines.