Our core values

Across Saurer, five simple but powerful core values unite us. They guide us through our daily interactions with our customers, partners, superiors and colleagues. Ultimately, these principles help to ensure that we provide the best possible products and experience for our customers.


Put the customer first

  • We understand what our customers need – today and tomorrow.
  • We create true customer value.
  • We build long-term partnerships.

Excel in quality

  • We aim for outstanding quality.
  • We constantly optimise our processes and our value chain.
  • We thrive on a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Behave like entrepreneurs

  • We take on challenges and pursue new ideas.
  • We wisely balance risks and opportunities.
  • We enable our people to take their own decisions.

Deliver results

  • We set ourselves clear and ambitious goals.
  • We strive to achieve or outperform our goals.
  • We appreciate and reward performance.

Act as one team

  • We combine our individual strengths to achieve common goals.
  • We break down organisational silos, acting as one team in one company.
  • We communicate openly and respectfully.