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Our Belcoro, BD Value Line brands

Let us boost your productivity and improve your spinning mill’s performance.

Benefit from our original parts, brand-name Belcoro spinning components for Autocoro and BD Value Line for BD machines, updates and upgrades, preventive maintenance services and the latest special offers for your Autocoro 10 and BD rotor spinning machines BD 7, BD 480 Plus and all older models.

Automate your rotor spinning mill: Our Cone transport system is the most economic solution for unloading cross-wound packages from multiple rotor spinning machines with a high throughput and transporting them for further use. It can be retrofitted in various system and automation steps at your spinning mill.

Order original parts online in our Secos e-shop.

We keep you competitive.

Upgrade your Autocoro for recycling.

Updates and Upgrades enabling efficient processing of sustainable materials

Our product range

Belcoro GL rotors

Belcoro GL rotors for Autocoro

High-speed rotor spinning for maximum productivity

  • Rotor speeds up to 165,000 rpm
  • Exclusive to Saurer: GL 623 BD with the smallest rotor diameter on the market
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CSC Germany Übach-Palenberg Corolab service

Corolab service

Ensure optimum quality levels at your spinning mill.

  • Clean and maintain your Corolab sensors regularly for a longer, trouble-free service life.
  • Best yarn quality at all times
  • No unnecessary downtimes due to unscheduled maintenance work
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Additional DCUs Autocoro upgrade

Additional DCUs for Autocoro

Upgrade your Autocoro with additional DCUs. For greater flexibility and productivity when doffing.

  • Better machine efficiency
  • Higher productivity
  • Greater profit
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BD Value Line Rotor TE 34 BD

BD TE Value Line rotors

Energy-saving rotors for BD machines

  • TE 34 DN - the energy-saving rotor
  • New: TE 36 DN - the recycling rotor for sustainable production
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FU Service

Frequency inverter service

Preventive maintenance ensures reliable production: Avoid unplanned machine downtime and reduce expenses for original parts.

  • Increase production reliability with proactive planning and state-of-the-art diagnostic technology
  • Minimise downtime and production stoppages
  • Extend the frequency inverters’ service lives
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Saurer Autocoro Synchropiecing

Multi-colour symbol display

Discover our new Autocoro colour symbol display upgrade. 

  • Even from a certain distance you can see all lots at a glance
  • Perfect for Multilot and Seamless lot change 
  • Each lot can be visualised with different colour
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CSC video conference with India

Anywhere. At any time. 24/7.

Personal contact is important, but digital is sometimes as good as face-to-face. We can help you. 

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Senses mill management system

With one program you can manage your spinning mill now.

  • Complete data control and security
  • Works across areas and Locations
  • Suitable for mobile devices
  • Modularly expandable via its own software shop
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Senses Elements

Senses Elements

Our modular feature expansions of the mill management system Senses and support the processes in your spinning mill.

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Autocoro Belcoro spinning components

Our brands

Belcoro spinning components for Autocoro and BD Value Line spinning components for BD

  • Precision components for perfect yarn quality
  • Exclusive: You can easily recognise them by the Saurer quality mark.
  • New: Belcoro high-speed GL rotors for top speeds
  • New: Energy-saving TE Value Line rotors for BD
  • Advice on textile technology, textile laboratory and spinning tests
  • Full guarantee and warranty entitlements
  • Have any questions?

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