TechnoCorder TC2, the king of athletes

Saurer Twisting Solutions has created many world champions. One of them is the TechnoCorder TC2, which sets benchmarks for two-for-one twisting machines used in the production of industrial yarns.

All over the world, athletes achieve top performance with yarns produced on the TC2. The TechnoCorder TC2 – a king of athletes.

Sprint world champion with versatility record

The TechnoCorder TC2 two-for-one twisting machine breaks all records with a delivery speed of up to 400 m/min. But the machine is not just a leader in terms of productivity. The TechnoCorder TC2 also holds the current record for versatility and flexibility in production, material and titre of technical yarns. The self-sufficient spindles can be individually adjusted, meaning that the flexibility of the TechnoCorder TC2 transcends all boundaries.

The TechnoCorder twists yarns made of polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, polyamide, Dyneema or aramide for a wide variety of applications under extreme sporting conditions.


Innovative sailcloths for victory

In sailing, materials are increasingly a decisive factor in victory or defeat. Sailcloths must be extremely light and durable and must not bind moisture. This is why they are made of man-made fibres. However, modern sailcloths can do even more. They are recycled and upcycled, creating sustainable and environmentally friendly product life cycles. This represents a big benefit for our environment.

The unsurpassed flexibility of yarns is also illustrated by their use for bad-weather protection, sunshades and privacy screens, and as tarpaulins, truck covers, boat covers, bean bags, handbags, transport, backpacks and wings for ultra­light aircraft.


Turf world champions in all classes

The range of application for yarns produced on the TechnoCorder is even more diverse. Whether football, American football, baseball, rugby, tennis or field hockey – all are played on artificial turf, including the Champions League, the Superbowl and Wimbledon, as well as world championships. The turf's synthetic fibres are made of polyethylene, polypropylene or polyamide, depending on the application, and processed on the TechnoCorder TC2, which provides the necessary twist of the monofilaments for processing. Depending on the quality level of the artificial turf, three to eight of these filaments are combined.
It is possible to manufacture both smooth and crimped yarn. Smooth yarn makes the artificial turf in professional sports look like fine natural grass. Textured – i.e. crimped – yarn is more durable and more commonly used in amateur sports.

High-performance yarns from Saurer

The sports yarns produced on the TechnoCorder TC2 can take quite a beating and are therefore also used in the production of ropes, hot air balloons, balls and nets.
Versatility and flexibility coupled with maximum productivity and technical innovation demonstrate the position of Saurer's two-for-one twisting machine on the market. 
The TechnoCorder TC2 is the undisputed king of athletes and a leader in all disciplines.