PT Dasar Rukun – Knitting the future

The company was founded in 1986 and has been part of the Sritex Group since 2009. It specialises in 100% polyester yarns and today exports these worldwide.

PT Dasar Rukun – a success story

The company was founded in December 1986 and has its headquarters in Cibinong, Indonesia. Already from the beginning, they specialised in producing 100% ring-spun polyester yarn.

Initially only local customers were supplied with the yarns. After the merger with the Sritex Group in 2009, exports rose to 70%. The next big step forward was in 2011 when PT Dasar Rukun managed to double its production capacity.

Today the company employs 685 employees and runs four shifts, which comes to an average of 7 176 production hours annually. It produces 1 200 tonnes of yarn monthly for knitwear and woven fabrics, which are exported to Europe, the USA, Mexico and Turkey, among other destinations.

As the Sritex Group is also advancing its own product development, yarns for specific customer requirements are produced in-house.

Retrofitting means improved quality

Currently spinning capacity is 75 ring frames with 62 640 spindles. In order to improve yarn quality, six machines with a total of 3 168 spindles were retrofitted with the Saurer PK 2630 SEH weighting arm. The conversion was completed in April 2018 and the success is visible and measurable.

Thick sections in the yarn were reduced significantly. The yarn values and therefore the yarn quality notably improved in terms of evenness, strength and elongation. The positive effects are clearly visible in the downstream process steps.

"Saurer’s good service and the quality of the components is just better – this means that our quality increases too," says Mr Widjaja, General Manager of PT Dasar Rukun. "In contrast to other systems, performance is stable, the fixing screws do not become loose, which leads to incorrect settings of the weighting arm."

Cost savings through conversion

"Thanks to the quality guarantee and the long service life of Saurer products, we also save on costs. It’s very important that the energy consumption of the modified machines has been significantly reduced. In addition, we no longer need pressurised air, because the PK 2630 SEH weighting arm works mechanically – this too affects overall costs. It was also positive that the retrofitting was done very smoothly without problems, although we were dealing with ring-spinning machines produced by competitors," Putra Widjaja summarises.

Knitting the future

"Knitting the future" – this is PT Dasar Rukun's slogan. "By this we mean that we have set ourselves the goal of becoming one of the best yarn manufacturers for ring-spun polyester. We want to secure a greater market share bit by bit. We want to achieve this with suppliers whose products actively support these goals. We are striving to further expand production with a stable market position," explains Mr Widjaja. "This includes procuring additional machines, but also further the retrofitting of drafting systems, in order to continuously improve quality while reducing costs at the same time."

Visitors welcome

"Interested persons are welcome to visit us,” says Mr Widjaja in closing, "so that they can see the successful modifications for themselves.”


PT Dasar Rukun

Cibinong Bogor, Indonesia
Year of foundation
100% polyester
Yarns: Ne 10/1 to Ne 40/1 and TFO-yarns