Unlimited freedom with Saurer worsted spinning machines

The worsted market is growing steadily, and the flexibility of worsted machines is enormously important. The Saurer Z 451, available as a worsted ring-spinning machine or compact-spinning machine, impresses with its universal applicability for a wide range of qualities and yarn counts. It produces wool/cashmere and silk yarns as well as their blends, but also acrylic yarns for the carpet industry. 

While the areas of application for wool used to be limited to suiting fabrics, today, in addition to this classic application, the focus is particularly on functional clothing for sports and outdoor and interiors for the automotive and aircraft sectors. Due to its advantageous properties, wool, a sustainable raw material, is becoming increasingly popular with global consumers.


Saurer ZI 451 Wool Application

Responding quickly and flexibly to fashion trends

The Z 451 is an all-round machine and scores highly for its flexibility. Fashion trends can be implemented quickly and efficiently. In addition to standard and compact yarns, it produces high-quality two-ply yarns, elastic core yarns and trendy fancy yarns.
Two-ply yarns can be spun directly on the ring-spinning machine with the Sirospun device, without the expense of an additional twisting process. They are convincing in further processing as well as in the end product due to their extremely high yarn strength and a smooth yarn surface. They are used in outerwear and home textiles as warp and/or weft yarns.

Particularly comfortable suit fabrics are produced with core yarns. In these yarns, an elastic core or core thread made of continuous filament is spun around with the fibre material and provides advantageous properties: more elasticity and more wearing comfort.
Structured fabrics are a worldwide fashion theme. New effects are in demand every season – for example in single jersey and in fine ladies' and men's outerwear fabrics. With Fancydraft, the Z 451 offers a comfortable and flexible fancy yarn technology that makes every customer wish come true.

Market leader in worsted yarns for over 60 years

Saurer worsted machines stand for outstanding yarn quality, high flexibility, extreme reliability, and profitable productivity.
In recent years, modern spinning mills have significantly increased their productivity in the worsted yarn sector, in particular, while maintaining yarn quality.
The Z 451 has taken up this challenge and impresses in practical operations worldwide with its modern control technology, best drive technology, excellent spinning geometry and intelligent spinning.