ITMA 2023 – a resounding success

Saurer proudly presented its latest developments at ITMA 2023 in Milan, Italy. Since its foundation in 1853, Saurer has been shaping the future of textiles with continuous and market-oriented innovations. Our booth was constantly well attended by interested customers, future customers, institutes, and students.

Saurer’s exhibition motto was: “Shaping the future of textiles”. By anticipating the megatrends of sustainability, energy saving, automation, and digitalisation, Saurer offered a range of products meeting the customers’ needs. The latest innovations presented at the ITMA gained a lot of interest.

Frontrunner in sustainability

Saurer is leading in spinning and twisting recycled fibres and yarns. We presented numerous textile products made from sustainable yarns spun and twisted on our machines - this was inspiring for a lot of customers. At ITMA, we spun eight different recycled and regenerated fibres on four spinning systems. We are the experts in processing recycled fibres and regenerated fibres.

A successful fair for Spinning Solutions

Saurer is the only company offering all 5 end-spinning applications and all of them were on display: air-spinning, rotor-spinning, ring-spinning, compact-spinning and worsted-spinning. We were particularly proud to unveil the Autocoro 11 rotor-spinning machine with the new Recycling Xtreme features, tailor-made for recycled fibres, 10% less energy consumption and a more powerful automation. The Autoairo air-spinning machine offers flexibility in processing different fibres: cotton, polyester, viscose as well as new chemically regenerated fibres and delivers cylindrical or conical bobbins. The BD 8 semi-automatic rotor-spinning machine offers energy savings and higher quality consistency thanks to the Twinsuction system. The automatic package removal allows ergonomic handling.

The latest Autocard SC7 boasted with more intelligent features from automatic gauge setting and droppings detection and pneumatic assisted piecing for easy processing of recycled fibres.

The ZI 72XL compact-spinning machine offers a high degree of flexibility and is suitable for recycling fibres with the new compact yarn system Impact FX pro. The automation features in ringspinning were automatic roving transport from the Autospeed roving frame, automatic doffing and the new Autospin automatic piecing robot. The ZI 451 worsted compact-spinning machine was spinning finest for woollen yarn and the ZI 51 manual ring-spinning machine is delivering perfect yarn quality as well.

Worldwide leading Twisting Solutions

Saurer Twisting Solutions presented the latest developments in twisting and cabling with our exhibited machines CompactTwister, CarpetCabler/CarpetTwister 1.12, TechnoCorder TC2 Plus, CakeFormingWinder and Robot AGV.

CompactTwister impressed with new standards for in twisted yarn quality, flexibility, energy consumption, robustness, reduced space requirement and ease of maintenance. CarpetTwister 1.12 / CarpetCabler 1.12 onvinced with an enhanced servo drive technology and data management to reliably and confidently mastering unusual requirements of an ever-changing market. TechnoCorder TC2 offers now the following innovative machine features and options: PreciWinding (TC2 Plus), oiling device, balloon limiter ring and QualityGuard. The CakeFormingWinder amazed with the new rotor technology and the integration of a high-speed traversing collet system.

Automation systems

The global shortage of skilled operators is increasing the demand for automation. Saurer Automation Solutions serves as an expert engineering partner for integrated automation solutions across the entire textile value chain. Our project engineering team offers tailored system solutions that are seamlessly integrated into your processes by combining especially designed automation elements and solutions.

Saurer has a long experience in automation, starting from the bobbin transport systems from roving to ring-spinning. Recent innovations include AGVs like Can AGV for can exchange in spinning and Robot AGV for ergonomic handling of heavy twisting bobbins. Saurer introduced at the ITMA the Autospin automatic piecing robot for ring-spinning.

Small components with big impact

Highlight of the Texparts ITMA presentation was the energy saving Eshape spindle combined with Spinnfinity zero underwinding system, which enables a significant reduction of maintenance and cleaning operation. For the filament industry, 

Fibrevision offers sensors and monitoring systems. Quality monitoring enables customers to reduce waste and improve their processes.

Service Unlimited SUN

Sustainability starts with components as well. With updates or upgrade kits, customers can make existing machines fit for processing recycled fibres. After-Sales-Service SUN are supporting the sustainable operation of our machines: regular upgrades, retrofits or services extend lifetime of the machine.