Sustainable recycling yarns from Hengbang

For more than 40 years, Hengbang Zhifang has been producing recycled yarns. Yarns made from recycled fibres are becoming increasingly popular on the world market. The company wants to meet the increasing demand with its yarns and installed 3 blowroom lines, 42 JSC 230 cards and 10 BD 8 rotor spinning machines from Saurer. With a 3% higher yarn production rate and superior carding of recycled fibres, the Saurer pre-spinning machines contribute significantly to Hengbang's energy savings, as well as the Saurer BD 8 rotor spinning machines. 

Hengbang Zhifang (Lian Yungang) Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern and advanced textile company belonging to the Chinese Hengbang Group. The group owns six major production facilities in China and Vietnam and has been active in the textile industry for over thirty years. Since its foundation, the group is committed to environmentally friendly production and utilises intelligent, energy-saving technologies, such as those in Saurer's portfolio, to achieve its goals in a fast manner.

In 2023, they ordered 10 BD 8 machines with a total of 6,000 spinning units as well as 3 blowroom lines and 42 cards from Saurer. The outstanding performance of the BD 8 quickly convinced the customer, resulting in a follow-up order more machines in 2024. The decisive factors were high productivity, outstanding yarn quality, low energy consumption, and the BD 8's flexibility to cover all raw material deviations. 

With 50 employees, Hengbang Zhifang produces around 120,000 tonnes of recycled yarn per year with unsurpassed efficiency. Most of the yarns are processed in the company's own knitting mill. The company specialises in recycled yarns in counts ranging from Ne 6 to Ne 40, which are suited for a wide variety of textile applications. Hengbang Zhifang delivers to global customers such as UNIQLO and NIKE and holds international sustainability certificates such as the "Global Recycling Standard (GRS)" and "Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)". 

Hengbang Mr. De Li Quote
“We opted for the BD 8 rotor spinning machines with Twinsuction because we were convinced by the promised energy savings. This allows us to optimise our competitiveness in a targeted manner.“
Hengbang Mr. De Li Quote
Li De
President of Hengbang Zhifang

The future vision of Hengbang

Leveraging intelligent manufacturing and partnering with digital connectivity, Hengbang Group is adopting advanced technologies to build Hengbang as an intelligent spinning and weaving production base. The Group is committed to making this project a leading benchmark in the textile industry nationwide.

Hengbang Zhifang is committed to climate and environmental protection and is therefore pursuing ambitious energy-saving targets. The start-up of the Saurer pre-spinning machines and BD 8 machines has exceeded Hengbang's expectations in terms of energy savings. 

Raw material deviation - a big challenge in recycling spinning

Because Hengbang obtains the recycled raw material from textile waste, such as industrial textile waste and worn clothes, they have a considerable fluctuation in their raw material quality. Every day the raw material is changing, because its never the same waste material which is delivered. "Saurer BD rotor spinning machines were the first choice for us as they are flexible enough to cover all raw material deviations", says Mr Li De, President of Hengbang Zhifang. 

Convinced of BD rotor spinning machines

The BD line has been the market leader in the production of recycling yarns for over 50 years and this convinced Hengbang. President Li De states: "For us as a company, it was important to choose a rotor spinning machine that has a long history of experience in recycling spinning and can process the changing raw materials without problems." Because of the long experience in recycling, the BD machines have countless spin elements to offer for recycled yarns, such as rotors with special grooves and coatings, special opening rollers, and spinning navels. Mr. Li De adds that: "Saurer specialists were on hand to help us to choose the right spinning elements. This enables us to run new materials on BD 8 without a lot of trials - in a high quality and at high speed."


Benefits of the BD 8

A sustainable production with low CO2 emissions is extremely important for Hengbang, so he aims for lowest energy consumption in his spinning mill. The remarkable energy savings of BD 8 - compared to other rotor-spinning machines - lead additionally to remarkable cost savings. BD 8 energy savings are achieved through an energy-efficient main drive, Twinsuction suction system for technology and impurity channel reduces negative pressure by 40% and high quality bearings and leading rotor bearing technology results in low energy consumption.

Learn more about the BD 8 rotor spinning machine.

CompanyHengbang Zhifang (Lian Yungang) Technology Co., Ltd
LocationLianyungang, Jiangsu, P.R. China
Saurer installation

3 lines of blowroom, each consisting of 1 JSB 008C reciprocating bale plucker, 1 JSB 103A mono-axial flow opener, 1 JSB 027 mixer, 1 JSB 325 mixer, 2 JSB 318 fine openers, 1 JSB 201 dedusting machine

42 JSC 230 cards

10 BD 8 rotor spinning machines with 600 spinning units

Yarn details

Yarns from Ne 6 to Ne 40, 100% cotton, man-made fibre, blends, melange, and recycled fibres

Used for knitting, socks, skirts, gloves, mops, weaving, denim, cotton ropes and carpets

Coloured yarns from 100% cotton, viscose, polyester, and blends

Sustainability brandsGlobal Recycling Standard (GRS) Certificate, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) Certificate
Spinning capacity120 000 tons of regenerated and recycled fibres, to be extended to 250 000 tons of yarn
Recycling exportsInternational major recycled cotton yarn producer, exporting to Europe and South Asia and more
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