Looking back on ITMA 2019

After an exciting week, the world’s most important textile exhibition drew to a close. We finally got to show the world our latest developments after four years of preparation.

A thrilling schedule

For us, this was the opportunity to reconnect with existing customers and to show potential clients what we can do for their businesses. We received a great deal of positive feedback regarding our solutions and individual machines.

We were particularly proud to unveil the Autoairo – the very first Saurer air-spinning machine, which we developed at the request of our customers. Zagis, an innovative company from Mexico, became the first ever buyer of this machine.

For ITMA 2019, our motto was “We power creation” – since our inception, we have allowed our customers to create – first with iron goods forged in our foundry, then with engines and today with our Industry 4.0-inspired solutions for the textile industry.

Many of our business lines have stood the test of time, continually innovating over the decades in line with changing customer needs. Our embroidery business came into being 150 years ago, while our ring-spinning machine and the winder Autoconer have been in existence for 70 and 60 years respectively.

One of the most memorable events at the exhibition was our fashion show to celebrate the anniversary of our embroidery business line, which took place on 22 June. Models showed off a number of beautiful embroidered wedding dresses whose lace was produced on the Epoca 7.

During the course of the exhibition, we also hosted a number of experts to speak on topics relevant to our customers. We would like to thank all of them for providing fascinating insights into our sector.