Saurer TC2 Plus: your Plus when it comes to efficiency and flexibility

The TechnoCorder TC2 already comes with many advantages for our customers in the field of flexibility. Our latest variant, the TC2 Plus, extends the already big range of possibilities by many grade A properties.

The precision winding option

Our TC2 Plus provides our customers with the possibility of manufacturing take-up packages even more compact and up to 13% more dense thanks to precision winding – this does not only make the next process (Rewinding) redundant, but also reduces the transport cost. Additionally, the unwinding performance of the take-up packages can be improved and optimised. Intelligent software solutions make finding out about the production factors very easy, thus facilitating the right programming for each material and making it more efficient for the operator.

You can switch between precision winding and random winding any time.
This results in our TechnoCorder TC2 being even more flexible than before and being usable in almost any field of application.

Technical data:

  •  Yarn count range: 235 – 60000 dtex
  •  Gauge: 670 and 830 mm

Coarse yarn package for gauge 670

The coarse yarn package makes it possible to extend the yarn count range maximum from 13200 dtex to up to 33000 dtex. Through this feature, our customers are able to process more coarse yarns without having to use the gauge 830. This results in the additional advantage of being able to have more spindles at the same machine length by using the smaller gauge.

Technical data:

  • Material: PA & PES
  • Yarn count range: 235 – 33000 dtex
  •  Gauge: 670 mm

The new oiling device

The oiling device of our TechnoCorder TC2 was created in order to provide our customers with the possibility of lubricating the yarn during the twisting process. This makes the follow-up processes of rewinding as well as oiling redundant since they can be taken care of on our TC2 as well.

The amount of oil can easily be adjusted to the twist construction, material and feeding speed thanks to the individually controllable feed pumps. The oil remains in the feeding pipes in case the function is not used or a spindle shut-down occurs.

Fields of application include sewing yarns and the so-called “Big Bag Production” in order to preserve the sewing / tufting needles and thus enhancing their time of usage.

Technical data:

  • Maximum application quantity: 12%
  • Viscosity: 1 – 100 mPa*s
  • Gauge: 670 and 830 mm