CarpetCabler: yarn quality for every application

Discover the many innovative possibilities of the CarpetCabler for processing BCF yarns in carpet production. With a focus on quality and cost, Saurer offers innovative and application-optimised solutions for quality control. Our technologies guarantee first-class results and emphasise our commitment to the highest yarn quality. 

BCF yarn: durability and versatility

BCF yarn, short for Bulk Continuous Filament, is a critical element in various industrial applications. The term ‘bulk’ refers to the volume of the yarn, while ‘continuous filament’ refers to the fact that the yarn consists of continuous filaments, as opposed to shorter staple fibres. This characteristic makes the yarn more resistant to pilling, fraying and falling out, resulting in more durable end products. Typically, BCF yarns are made from synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon or polypropylene.

Yarn production and applications of BCF yarn

During the manufacturing process, the molten polymer material is extruded through spinnerets to form the continuous filaments. The basic characteristics of the yarn, including size, strength, elongation and appearance, are determined during this stage. These versatile yarns are used in a variety of applications, including carpet manufacturing, upholstery, textiles and industrial fabrics.


Focus on yarn quality and cost control

For manufacturers and processors, quality and cost control take centre stage. While cost efficiency is easy to verify, yarn quality assurance requires thorough monitoring throughout the entire production process, including extrusion, cabling and heat setting.

Quality Sensor

Effective solutions for optimum yarn quality

As a leading company on the market, we offer innovative solutions for monitoring and ensuring yarn quality with our CarpetCabler. Due to high rotation speeds during the cabling process, two decisive aspects of yarn quality become important: the yarn tensions and the uniformity of the spindle speed. Our CarpetCabler covers the entire spectrum of BCF yarns. From a tried-and-tested mechanical drive to an electronic motorised spindle with speed monitoring, the CarpetCabler generates uniform twists in the yarn. A range of pneumatic sensing elements and electronic sensors are available to generate and control the necessary yarn tension.

The effectiveness of these innovative quality-assurance solutions has been proven many times over in practice and makes a significant contribution to ensuring yarn quality in the processing of BCF yarns. Our customers appreciate not only the quality of our products, but also the efficiency and reliability of our technologies.