CarpetCabler maximises customer benefit

For our customers, the factors of yarn quality, energy, productivity and ergonomics are paramount when processing BCF carpet yarns. We have focused our innovations on improving these factors with the new CarpetCabler series 1.10. Working in close partnership with our customers, we developed solutions that are unique and maximise customer benefits.

Take-up area with freely accessible pre-take-up roller

We have revolutionised the take-up section of the CarpetCabler in terms of development. In it, the yarn is processed at high speed and prepared for the winding process. For the first time, we have not installed a continuous shaft for reducing the yarn tension in the take-up area of the CarpetCabler, but a freely accessible "pre-take-up roller". This solution, unique in the market, creates an optimum amount of free space for operation. The operating times are shortened and the clearly arranged take-up area with its optimized threading guarantees top yarn quality.

Intelligent yarn sensors for optimum quality control

Optional yarn sensors, equipped with intelligent software, reliably detect deviations in yarn tensions, loops and yarn contamination. A constant yarn quality can always be guaranteed.

Customer-oriented innovation management

We continuously develop our customer-oriented innovation management system together with leading users in the BCF industry. The results are of great and sustainable value for our customers. Production units with a higher weight, consistent energy monitoring with our Energy Performance Indicator and our pioneering motor spindle technology are convincing examples of innovation management aimed at maximising customer benefits.

Robot AGV creel loading

Transport automation with Saurer Robot AGV

Feedback from the markets and our experience in the operating environment signaled to us that intelligent transport automation can open up great optimisation potential for our customers. With the Saurer Robot AGV we have consistently taken up these market reactions in order to offer our customers an innovative and future-proof automation solution.

Focus on customer benefits

Customer benefit is the focus of our innovations. We do not measure success by sales figures, but in the proven reliability of our systems and the lasting satisfaction of our customers.