CakeFormingWinder successfully enters the glass filament market

Saurer's new glass filament winding machine got off to a dream start at its market launch. The first order of CakeFormingWinders has already been commissioned in Asia and two further customers are currently being supplied.

Due to the global roll-out of 5G mobile technology and the megatrend of autonomous mobility, the glass filament market is in very good economic shape despite difficult framework conditions in the supply of raw materials. Production capacities for standard filaments for the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCBs) have been significantly expanded. The CakeFormingWinder is stepping up to conquer this growing market.

In the CakeFormingWinder, Saurer is using new technologies in the field of glass filament production for the first time with the rotor technology and the collet bearing. This enables our customers to respond optimally to individual production and quality requirements in their downstream processes. Especially in the development of the so-called SUPER FINE glass filaments, the CakeFormingWinder gives them an important competitive edge.

Saurer has successfully expanded its product portfolio in the glass segment with the CakeFormingWinder. Saurer's products are the result of close cooperation with leading glass filament manufacturers, who follow particularly innovative paths in the further development of glass filaments. This results in products that, like the GlassTwister, impress with top qualities in the end product as well as with outstanding efficiency and best user-friendliness.