CakeFormingWinder scores again in Asia

The CakeFormingWinder meets the highest demands for efficiency and quality. Used in combination with the VGT series from Saurer, a solution with convincing overall performance is created. Manufacturers of highly twisted glass filaments benefit from this. A follow-up order in Asia proves it: The new rotor technology of the CakeFormingWinder is convincing.

In 2019, we sold the new CakeFormingWinder in Asia for the first time. In the fourth quarter of last year, the machine scored a hit again with our demanding glass-winding customers and we were able to conclude a follow-up order. This success proves that the CakeFormingWinder has fully met our customers' expectations in terms of performance and quality. Its new rotor technology has proven to be a groundbreaking innovation for the production of ultra-fine yarn.

Highly twisted glass filaments are used, among other things, in the production of printed circuit boards. The CakeFormingWinder successfully plays out its advantages in their production, especially when it is combined with the VGT series from Saurer. The preliminary products produced on the CakeFormingWinder serve as a template for the VGT. The two series of products complement each other to form a seamless combination with convincing overall performance.

Customers benefit from close cooperation

Working closely with glass filament manufacturers around the world pays off for our customers. The CakeFormingWinder and the VGT series have been specifically designed to work together to meet the most demanding market requirements. The CakeFormingWinder supports the well-known advantages of the VGT range. Its unsurpassed efficiency, unique ease of use and proven quality are even more evident in the end product. Our customers benefit from this by gaining a decisive competitive edge.