Boost your profits with the BD 480 Plus

The BD 480 rotor-spinning machine has been upgraded to the BD 480 Plus: as a company with a long history, Saurer has continued to lead innovation in the industry, and has always been supporting customers in improving their profitability and optimising their competitiveness. The classic semi-automatic rotor- spinning machine BD 480 has been optimised and upgraded to the BD 480 Plus, which will bring more benefits to customers. 

BD 480 Plus – save energy, increase your production and improve yarn quality

The classic BD rotor-spinning machine is highly recognised by customers around the world for its stability and yarn quality. Through continuous technological innovation, the latest generation, the BD 480 Plus, is more energy-efficient and more productive, producing better yarn quality than ever before.  

Increased energy efficiency

Spinning cost is always of the greatest concern for customers, and energy consumption is also a vital consideration. The new BD 480 Plus is equipped with an optimised aerodynamics system, which contributes to energy savings. For example, for a polyester/cotton blended yarn in the medium yarn count range, the BD 480 Plus can now save customers up to 29% in energy per kilogram of yarn compared to the previous generation, greatly reducing the cost of spinning. 

Higher productivity

Thanks to its stable system structure design and precise spinning components, the BD 480 Plus can spin efficiently at high speed. In practice, a speed of 105 000 rpm is typical, which means it is up to 10% more productive than other semi-automatic rotor-spinning machines on the market.

The BD 480 Plus can be customised according to customer requirements, the maximum machine length is up to 512 spinning positions, which gives customers greater opportunity to increase productivity. In addition, no rotor-spinning machine is as slim as the BD 480 Plus. The advantage of this compact spinning position design optimises space utilisation, as more spinning units per square metre mean more productivity per square metre.  

Better yarn quality

The BD 480 Plus with optimised spin box can meet the different spinning requirements and ensures good yarn quality and yarn consistency. Quality yarn can still be spun efficiently even when using materials with a high proportion of regenerated fibres and lower-grade cotton fibres. Good yarn consistency is beneficial to the appearance of the final fabric.

Maximise your mill’s potential with the BD 480 Plus!