Flexible configuration of your individual Autolab system

Your requirements for fibre and yarn testing are important for us. With Autolab we offer you a portfolio of laboratory devices that you can flexibly and modularly build together − according to your needs.

Modularity of test devices and functions

Due to the modular concept with our individual lab devices, you only buy what you really need. You can use the Autolab devices as a stand-alone solution or combine them to a set of testers for your individual fibre and yarn lab. The modular combination of the individual devices from the fibre and yarn lab as well as the additional option of equipping the yarn lab devices with advanced functions per tester offers you a high level of flexibility. The degree of automation is one example for the individual equipment of the yarn devices. You can expand your portfolio at any time according to your needs in order to record all your key values ​​for process transparency.

Combinations in packages

Additionally we created individual packages for you. Different packages from the fibre and the yarn lab offer you a set of lab device combinations and functionalities, which are tailored to the most common application cases from practice.

As an example, the package named "Fibre Assist" includes the test devices Autolab LT, Autolab OT, Autolab MT and Autolab LS. This set ensures the classification of the incoming raw material, which is used to assist the organisation of the bale stock.

Other packages from fibre lab are the "Impurity Assist", the "Spin Assist Basic" and the "Spin Assist Advanced". In the next few publications, we will go into more detail about the packages from the fibre and the yarn laboratory.