Optimising energy, economics and ergonomics

With our customers’ needs always top of mind, E³ forms the basis of our design philosophy. Increasingly, we are also incorporating intelligent technology into our products. Our passion for textile machinery drives us to manufacture innovative products that add value to our clients’ businesses.



As an environmentally conscious company, we aim to make our products as energy efficient as possible. Aside from decreasing our clients’ energy costs, this approach also allows our customers to position their offerings as sustainable – a necessity today given the climate challenges the world faces.



Through cutting-edge research and development, we boost our clients’ profitability by improving our products’ flexibility, increasing output and saving on raw material. Increasingly, our machines are also becoming smarter, reducing the need for human involvement, which allows our customers to save on cost.


Here we consider the people who use our machines. Working with our products should be effortless and intuitive – this optimises workflow and ensures that operators can make effective use of their time.