Impact FX pro: the new benchmark in compact spinning

With the new Impact FX pro, Saurer is launching a second compact yarn system on the market and offering its customers maximum flexibility.

Impact FX pro particularly demonstrates its strengths in the medium and fine yarn count range and produces impressively compact yarns with low hairiness and high strength. The tried-and-tested Impact FX, for its part, stands out with its globally unique self-cleaning technology. 
With the new Impact FX pro, Saurer is reinforcing its status as a long-established compact yarn specialist and setting the benchmark for perfect quality yarns with a focus on the downstream processing stages.

The trend towards compact spinning is continuing to gain ground and compact yarns make up more than 50% of all ring-spun yarns. This market share will keep on increasing over the course of the coming years because of the compelling economic benefits. With Impact FX pro, these benefits can be fully exploited. The system brings together perfect quality yarns, consistent compacting power, ultimate reliability and maximum economic efficiency.

Saurer Impact FX pro

Impact FX pro for unparalleled compact yarn quality

Excellent yarn values in the medium and fine yarn count range make Impact FX pro the ideal choice. The compact yarn is characterised by up to 25% lower hairiness and up to 2.5 cN/tex greater strength compared to the Impact FX yarn.

The new air ducting system ensures a turbulence-free airflow with positive effects on the compacting of the yarn. The fibres are guided with precision as a result of the interplay between the air conveyance, lattice apron and vacuum. The compaction is particularly efficient and gentle on the fibres.

Ultimate flexibility in the spinning mill

The character and structure of the compact yarns can be determined on an individual basis and optimised for the application in question. The precisely adjustable compacting vacuum gives the yarns the desired hairiness, while at the same time achieving better yarn values compared to ring yarn. 

Saurer ZI 72XL with Impact FX pro

Guaranteed compacting power thanks to separate vacuum unit

To create yarn of guaranteed quality and fully exploit the economic advantages of compact spinning, the airflow that binds the fibres together in the compacting zone must be applied consistently during the whole spinning process.

Impact FX pro has its own controlled vacuum unit that works independently of the yarn break suction system. This means that its compacting power is not affected by the yarn break suction system.

 With Impact FX pro, the setpoint value for the compacting vacuum only needs to be entered once via the intuitive Easyspin touchscreen. The control system with vacuum sensor and independent, frequency-controlled motor continually ensures that the desired setpoint value is maintained. Consistent compacting power means that the yarns are of high quality and consistently compacted.

Lower spinning costs as a result of optimal raw material utilisation

Impact FX pro has the greatest possible application range and gets the very best out of any raw material. The compacting vacuum and compacting draft can be adjusted precisely to different raw materials and fibres.

Impact FX pro makes it possible to get the best possible utilisation of the raw material through adjustable compacting. The spinning limits can be extended for existing raw materials due to better utilisation of the raw material. The individually adjustable compacting setting improves the running characteristics of the yarn and means that it is possible to achieve higher productivity as opposed to standard yarns.

Even when cotton with reduced noil content and thus higher short fibre content is used, the resulting yarn values are good – with significant raw material savings. With the Impact FX pro, you can always react quickly to variations in the raw material.

More streamlined downstream processing and increased quality of the finished article

The significantly lower hairiness and greater strength of the Impact FX pro yarn as well as its automatically assured quality enable higher insertion speeds in the weaving mill. Additional process steps such as singeing can be completely dispensed with. When it comes to sizing and waxing, the applied quantity can be considerably reduced. The benefits of the Impact FX pro compact yarns are reflected in the higher lustre and sharper colour contrasts in the fabric. Clearly delimited colour areas and, in particular, the reduced pilling tendency are important plus points for knits.

Always keeping up with market trends

With Impact FX pro, Saurer has once again proactively responded to the dynamics of market demands. By continuously monitoring the world's textile markets, Saurer is able to swiftly identify new customer needs and market trends.

The compact spinning machine ZI 72XL equipped with Impact FX pro is already being used in the production processes of customer mills around the world and offers outstanding quality and productivity.
Customers will be pleased to know that Impact FX pro can also be used on existing Saurer ring and compact spinning machines.