Light for efficient operator guidance

With the new Autocoro, the design has gone beyond the spinning process. Processes and procedures around this rotor-spinning machine have also 'seen the light' and have been sustainably improved thanks to the new light concept.

Long machines with up to 768 spinning positions and up to five lots for the new Autocoro make monitoring and controlling the entire machine a challenge for the machine operator in the modern spinning mill.

The solution: the new Autocoro's intelligent and unique light concept. Thanks to efficient operator guidance, it sustainably increases machine efficiency. Machine operators can quickly gain information on the status of the spinning position at a glance and manage their workflows in a targeted way – which is especially helpful for personnel without a lot of experience. Workflow times decrease, personnel are effectively deployed and can look after and control more spinning positions at the same time.

A powerful LED light strip is installed over each spinning position that fulfils two functions simultaneously. Firstly, a coloured light is displayed when the can content falls below what is specified on the HMI. The operator can take care of refilling even before a can is empty. Downtimes due to empty cans are effectively prevented, which sustainably maintains efficiency.

The second function involves the LED light strip glowing in a different colour. The light informs the operator of spinning positions with reduced productivity. Threshold values can be defined on the HMI for when the coloured light should be displayed to provide information on efficiency, clearer cuts or yarn breaks. Both functions are combined in the Efficiency Package of the new Autocoro and implemented visually with the intelligent light concept. Saurer is looking to the future with the development of the new light concept. With a view to advancing automation in spinning mills,

Saurer is also looking at processes occurring around the Autocoro. With unique innovations such as this light concept, Saurer is designing their fully automatic rotor-spinning machines for an automated future in a targeted way. The new Autocoro – a real highlight!

Efficiency package with light concept

  • Powerful light concept with LED strip above each spinning position
  • Efficient operator guidance thanks to logistically optimised workflows
  • Contains two solutions: coloured lights indicate cans that are almost empty and signals spinning positions with reduced productivity


This article, which appeared in the 02 2020 edition of our "Insight" customer magazine, is available in four languages. Here you can also access the entire magazine.

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