Optimise the productivity of your spinning mill with Senses and Senses Element Maintenance

The Senses mill management system keeps an eye on your spinning mill all the time. With the off-standard report in Senses, you can be sure to meet your defined production and quality standards. Senses informs you of any deviations so that you can optimise the performance of your spinning mill. Senses Maintenance is an additional Senses Element that complements the functions of Senses with comprehensive alarm management and the digitalisation of the maintenance processes of your machines.

24/7 detection of off-standard deviations in Senses base system

With the off-standard function, which is already included in the Senses base system, you immediately identify the off-standard spindles that exceed your defined and product-specific limit values. The off-standard monitoring is position-based, allowing you to sort out the underperforming positions from your production and respond quickly and directly. This increases the efficiency of your machines and maximises your productivity.

Cockpit Senses Maintenance

Purchase Senses Element Maintenance as a more comprehensive function

A useful addition to Senses is the Senses Element Maintenance, which focuses on the maintenance and servicing of your machines. Among other things, it contains a calendar with an overview of all work orders for the individual machines in your spinning mill. In addition, the efficient ticket system supports your mechanics with clear work orders that they can then process systematically.

Furthermore, the new alarm management feature gives you an overview of alarms given off by a specific machine type, including the alarm status and different alarm colours in a selected period.

Digital compass

Moving into the future with Senses

With Senses, Saurer offers you a future-oriented solution with which you can grow, and which is flexible and manufacturer-independent. With the integration of machines from third-party suppliers, you are able to map your entire spinning mill in Senses. As Senses is a locally hosted web application, your data resides securely on your own servers, giving you full control and a high level of data security. The intuitive Senses user interface with its simple and clear design means that your staff will learn its ins and outs quickly, requiring only a short training period. So, design your individual path to digitalisation with Senses and our complementary Senses Elements!