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Customer satisfaction is what motivates us at Saurer. That is why we’ve set up a state-of-the-art ring-spinning machine assembly facility in Übach-Palenberg, a town right at the heart of Europe.

Other textile machinery manufacturers are moving their production out of Europe, but Saurer remains committed to the region.

Saurer ZI 72XL lange Maschine

Germany is the world’s third largest centre of cutting-edge manufacturing behind China and India and is now home to the latest generation of ring-spinning machines. Saurer has production facilities around the world, meaning we are perfectly placed to cater to our customers’ individual preferences and requirements. “At Saurer, we thrive on keeping our customers satisfied. And we keep them happy by manufacturing our leading products in countries where they expect us to,” says Steffen Saur, Senior Vice President Global Sales & Service at Saurer Spinning Solutions.

Z 72XL and Z 451 short and long-staple ring- and compact-spinning machines will enter production at the new state-of-the-art assembly department in Übach-Palenberg from October 2020.

The unparalleled flexibility of the new Z 72XL is impressing our ring-spinning customers across the globe, while the Z 451, the epitome of efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness, has been the worsted yarn market leader for years.

Sustainable down to the last detail

From the outset, the planners of the new Übach-Palenberg assembly department were focused on sustainability. Using an intelligent layout, they optimised the assembly space for other product groups, enabling an existing building to be modernised and used as a production shop. Their design removed the need to build on any green open spaces.

The new production shop draws heat and electricity from the company’s own CHP plant. It is lit by LEDs, reducing power consumption by 240 kW annually. And highly insulated skylights minimise heat loss in winter while limiting temperature rises in summer, meaning less air conditioning is required.

Equipped for Industry 4.0

The cutting-edge assembly department guarantees efficient production processes and greater production capacity, paving the way for increased digitalisation in the future as part of Saurer’s Industry 4.0 strategy. “For us, sustainability is not just about reducing land use and energy consumption,” says Dr Marcus Rennekamp, Senior Vice President Supply Chain at Saurer Spinning Solutions. “In designing this new assembly department, we are laying the foundation for the Industry 4.0 smart factory of the future.”

State-of-the-art ring-spinning machine manufacture in Europe

- Short-staple product line: ZR 72XL (ring spinning), ZI 72XL (compact spinning)
- Long-staple product line: ZR 451 (ring spinning), ZI 451 (compact spinning)


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