Saurer spinning and winding machines

Take five.

With the introduction of the air spinning machine Autoairo, Saurer has completed the circle of five spinning processes. Ring yarns, compact yarns, worsted yarns, rotor yarns and air spun yarns are the result of customer focused product innovation from Saurer. Automation and digitization are necessities in today's connected world. All machines are profitably equipped with automation components and digital intelligence. Due to the consistent expansion of the machine portfolio, Sauer's innovations can cover the textile value chain from the bale to the package, including the twisting process. Senses, the Mill Management System specially developed by Saurer, bundles and analyses all spinning data. Key figures can be constantly monitored and you have perfect control over your entire production - safely and from anywhere. Service, training, consulting or even project financing complement the individual solutions for spinning mills - adjusted and adapted to the our customer´s needs. Technologies for smart spinning mills have already been developed today for tomorrows applications. 

Saurer_Z 72XL_Ringbank_4138_W_RGB
Ring Spinning
Saurer_Z 72XL_FX_4236_K_RGB
Compact Spinning
Rotor Spinning
Saurer Autoairo_6644_Streckwerk_S_RGB