Tire Technology Expo 2023: In the fast lane with Saurer

Saurer Twisting Solutions is looking forward to welcoming customers and visitors at the 22nd Tire Technology Expo from 21 - 23 March 2023 at their booth 4004 in Hall 20 and to showcase the innovative CableCorder CC5. For the production of high-quality tire cord, the technology-leading CC5 scores with numerous innovations to keep Saurer customers as always in the fast lane.

Saurer's technology experts continuously support customers worldwide in optimising yarn production and yarn quality. Saurer has always been committed to the further development of the textile industry and integrates high-end plant engineering with modern information technology to provide sophisticated solutions today for the challenges of tomorrow. 
The Saurer CableCorder for the production of high-quality tire cord has always been a recognized leader in the tire industry.

The latest generation of the CableCorder convinces users with decisive competitive advantages:

  • energy consumption reduced again
  • smart spindle concept for energy saving
  • modern quality control
  • improved ergonomics
  • flexible automation and digitisation solutions
  • integration of the CableCorder into Saurer Senses

Energy, productivity, quality

Saurer has once again improved the patented energy-saving technology with new hardware and optimised software. The CableCorder CC5 is therefore more economical than ever. 
The optimised thread balloon diameter and reduced spindle gauge cut down space requirements and increase productivity. Online monitoring of the quality parameters ensures that our customers' high demands on the tire cord are guaranteed at all times.

User-friendly and intelligently automated

New machine components and an optimum yarn path enable a high operation comfort and process reliability. Intelligent automation solutions increase the efficiency of package transport thanks to the use of modern automated guided vehicle (AGV) technology. 
The loading of the machine, the removal of the completed take-up packages as well as the supply of the downstream creels are supported by automation technology. 
In addition to the basic CC5 version, the CableCorder is also available in the CC5-TFO version for production of yarns in the two-for-one twisting process and as the CC5-3PLY version for production of symmetrical and asymmetrical 3-ply tire cord.

The CableCorder CC5-3PLY variant

The direct cabling machine for the production of symmetrical 3-ply tire cord as well as asymmetrical 2-ply and 3-ply hybrid twisted yarns has established itself very successfully 
in the market. Within a very short time after market launch, a large number of CC5-3PLY machines were delivered and commissioned in the world's tire cord markets. 
In addition, the CC5-3PLY serves replacement investments of ring twisting machines that are still used today for the production of 3-ply tire cord and hybrid yarns.

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