Autocoro with SynchroPiecing

The world's number one for automatic rotor-spinning mills

In just 10 years, Saurer installed one million Autocoro spinning positions with individual drive technology. The Autocoro thus revolutionised automatic rotor-spinning technology and opened the door to more productivity, flexibility and sustainability for numerous customers worldwide. With the Autocoro 10, the third Autocoro generation of this successful rotor-spinning machine has already established itself.

Autocoro productivity table

The spinning and winding process of each Autocoro spinning position is autonomous and automatic piecing, the key to production with a minimum number of personnel, is fully integrated in the spinning position. SynchroPiecing, the simultaneous piecing at up to 36 spinning positions on the Autocoro 10, is digitally controlled and perfectly networked in the machine. 

One million Autocoro spinning positions – that's around four to five billion fully automatic piecing processes that Autocoro spinning positions around the world carry out precisely and reliably every year. 

Precision and reliability: that's exactly what makes the Autocoro so valuable for spinning mills. All you have to do is switch it on – and the Autocoro will produce tons of yarn fully automatically and cost-effectively for many years.

Autocoro SynchroPiecing

SynchroPiecing has ensured production increases of up to 30% worldwide. SynchroPiecing is the guarantee that yarn breaks are repaired immediately after they occur and that they are also invisible in the finished textile. 

For the spinning mill, this continuity means constantly high efficiency, even with raw materials that tend be characterised by numerous yarn breaks and for which the quality monitoring by the integrated yarn clearer Corolab has to be set particularly closely. This is often the case with inexpensive fibres and sustainable regenerated materials.

 At the same time, spinning mills can increase the production speed of these raw materials significantly, by up to 27% depending on the application. And the reliable piecing technology of the Autocoro also pays off during machine run-up, which is completed in less than 10 minutes even on a long Autocoro 10 with 600 spinning positions using SynchroPiecing 36.