Autocoro – the recycling all-rounder for every purpose

With its recycling solutions, the Saurer Autocoro continues to prove that its concept is one step ahead: the spinning process is the most important part of the material recycling production chain. Major yarn characteristics, which have a significant influence on the quality, look and feel of the end textile, are determined during this vital step. When the use of recycled material for the end textile is a customer requirement, a recycling-optimised spinning machine is up to the task. Our Autocoro can fulfil this requirement and offers several solutions for the procduction of recycling yarn. The result: perfect textiles of excellent quality made with recycled material.

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Important machine features for recycling yarn

High efficiency with highest speeds for all kinds of fibres

  • Spindle efficiency visualiser: recognises spinning positions with a reduced productivity due to raw material with a lower quality
  • VTC Vacuum trash cleaner: removes waste particles and fibre fly from recycling material
  • SynchroPiecing 36: ensures that there is always enough piecing capacity, also by spinning difficult material with higher yarn break potential such as recycled material
  • Exchangeable fiber beard support: ensures that short fibres are also included in the spinning process, resulting in a higher utilisation of these fibres
  • Corolab XQ/XF: guarantees the expected yarn quality, no matter the raw material
  • PilotSpin: allows you to conduct yarn trials with recycled material during the ongoing production


Here you will find a selection of references from customers that produce yarn and packages from recycled and waste raw materials on the Autocoro. Due to the broad field of application, there is a great variety of Autocoro recycling referrences our selection will be updated regularly.

Autocoro recycling jeans denim

Valérius 360° denim

Valérius collects surplus stock, garments with production defects and its customers’ unsold stock. The garments are ground in a continuous process and transformed into raw material for the spinning process. In partnership with Saurer, Valérius created jeans out of 65% recycled cotton. In the Autocoro, with its array of recycling solutions, this customer found the ideal spinning machine to realise this product "from yarn to yarn".

Facts and figures  
Company Valérius
Location Portugal
Products Sustainable garments and high-end sustainable cotton-based paper
Yarn for project Carded Autocoro rotor yarn
Fabric Twill weave
Material total 65% recycled cotton, 35% PES
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Else Tekstil - new recycling production line paves the way to sustainability

In 2018, the business overhauled its plant to create an ultra-modern production platform for regenerated fibres and yarns, becoming one of Turkey’s biggest producers of recycled goods. By recycling textile waste from Turkey and elsewhere under its own yarn brand, Bornewa, the company is actively helping to protect the environment and makes a major contribution to sustainability and eco-friendly production.

At the plant, textile scraps from around the world are separated and stored by colour, sorted according to orders and then processed into fibres in the separator. Using Saurer BD 7 machines and the Autocoro 9, yarns are produced from the regenerated fibres with different proportions of cotton and polyester as well as yarn counts from Ne 4 to Ne 36.

"To ensure our customers receive a swift service with all manner of colour and mixing options, our warehouse is stocked full of all colours imaginable. With the amazing flexibility of the Autocoro, we are always able to fulfil our customers’ needs and demands on time and with the expected quality. Rotor-spinning machines from Saurer allow us to make package samples by using PilotSpin and to produce several lots at the same time by using MultiLot," says Eşref Koçak, Board member, Else Tekstil Tic. A.Ş.

Else Tekstil Esref Kocak
“Thanks to the flexible Autocoro, we are able to fulfil all of our customers’ fast fashion demands.“
Else Tekstil Esref Kocak
Eşref Koçak
Board member, Else Tekstil Tic. A.Ş.

Explore the great variety of recycling yarns from Else Tekstil produced with Autocoro

Facts and figures 
Company Else Tekstil Tic. A.Ş.
Location Çorlu, Turkey
Year of foundation 1993
Products Recycled fibre and yarns, knitting fabrics
Machinery Textile waste recycling machines
2 Saurer BD 7
4 Saurer Autocoro 9
13 circular knitting machines
Raw material Recycled cotton and their blends (PES or Acrylic), from 50% Co and 50% others to 98% Co and 2% others
Yarn count From Ne 4 to Ne 36


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