The CC5-3PLY rolls up the market

The presentation of the new CC5-3PLY tire cord cabling machine at the ITMA 2019 in Barcelona marked the beginning of a unique success story. For a long time, our customers have wanted to be able to produce not only 2-ply tire cords but also 3-ply tire cords using the direct cabling process. The interest was great right from the start: so far, a large number of machines have already been sold. The new tire cord cabling machine rolls up a whole market, because it is the fulfilment of a long-cherished wish of our customers.


Single-step production process

The CC5-3PLY makes it possible to produce symmetrical 3-ply tire cords in only one process step. In this process, a further, third single yarn is added to the 2-ply cord produced in a 1st spindle within a 2nd spindle.

The advantages of this single-step process are impressive: The new process is extremely productive and economical. The spindles of the CC5-3PLY are loaded with supply material, started and then run through for 12, 18 or 24 hours, depending on the titre. The process continues immediately after doffing. The feed packages only have to be changed after every 2nd or 3rd doffing. More handling is not necessary. The operating times are thus considerably shorter.

High process reliability for 1A twisting quality

The CC5-3PLY is also characterised by high process reliability. The “ply” created in the first spindle is passed on to the second spindle and is permanently tightly guided. Faults due to loose yarns or as a result of snarls, as known from ring twisting, are excluded. Saurer has the necessary know-how, and our customers can be guaranteed 1A twisting quality.

Low energy consumption

Thanks to the balloon reduction technology developed by Saurer, the same, smallest possible balloon diameter can be set on every spindle - regardless of the titre. Energy consumption is thus kept to a minimum on the CC5-3PLY.

Market launch extraordinarily successful

A production capacity of around 4,500 tons per year has already been installed so far - and the feedback from our customers is consistently positive. In addition to the higher productivity compared to ring twisting, the precise appearance of the cord is particularly appreciated.

The CC5-3PLY is the answer when it comes to replacing ring twisters for 3-ply tire cord. Market acceptance today confirms that the CC5-3PLY, which operates according to the direct cabling method, will gradually replace the classic ring twisters in the production of 3-ply tire cord within the next few years.