High-performance yarns save lives

High-performance yarns not only withstand immense stresses, they also protect life and limb. They pose a challenge for both people and machines because fitting customers' machines with the correct equipment requires flexibility.

High-performance yarns include para-aramids, which are used in industrial yarns and in the security sector. Bulletproof clothing is hugely important in the everyday work of certain professionals. Twaron and Kevlar are common para-aramid trade names.

Twaron is used mainly in industrial yarns, for instance as reinforcement in high-pressure hoses, whereas Kevlar is predominantly used in ballistics. Kevlar is one of the main components in protective vests worn to protect people against fatal injuries if they are faced with an armed attack.

Para-aramids are known for their immense tensile strength, which gives them their high energy absorption capacity. They are also very heat- resistant, easily withstanding temperatures of over 370°C.  

"Para-aramid yarn provides protection and ensures safety."

Bespoke TechnoCorder TC2 machine

Since the properties and types of para-aramids differ depending on their intended use, it is essential to find suitable yarn guide elements and associated surfaces that can process the different para-aramids carefully and without damaging them – to achieve the best end result yarn properties such as tensile strength and elongation of the fibres used in textiles must be consistently kept at the optimum level. 

Achieving these results requires robust process technology and high-quality components. Enter Saurer's TechnoCorder TC2 – a machine flexible enough to meet any challenge. 

Hand in hand with our customers

Our customers send their template material and required twist constructions and yarn properties to the "Textiltechnikum" technical centre at Saurer Twisting Solutions in Kempten, Germany, and we use them to configure the best  TechnoCorder TC2 for the different para-aramid types. Tests carried out on the TechnoCorder TC2 at the centre determine the optimal machine specifications for obtaining the yarn quality required for the product. During this process the surfaces, spindle size and spindle gauge are set, and the process parameters for maximum machine efficiency are determined. The textile lab does a final evaluation of the yarn parameters to confirm the selected machine specifications.

Thanks to the TechnoCorder TC2's flexibility and versatility, our customers can process para-aramids to the highest standard while also covering a huge range of yarns with the most diverse properties within a fineness range of 235 to 60 000 dtex.

TechnoCorder TC2 – as versatile as the market

  • Maximum production flexibility
  • Unparalleled flexibility of materials
  • Yarn count range from 235 to 60 000 dtex
  • Delivery rate up to 400 m/min
  • First-rate package quality with high package density
  • Extremely user-friendly