Senses. Next-level mill management

The challenges facing mill management systems are ever changing. But with Senses Elements from the Software Shop, you can add new functions to Senses at any time.

The Senses digital mill management system aggregates and analyses production, quality and performance data throughout the production process at spinning mills, from fibre to yarn. By interlinking textile machines and quality assurance systems – whether from Saurer or other suppliers – across all departments, it enables efficient real-time mill management.

With its modular design, the system is suitable for spinning mills of all sizes and can be scaled up as your factory grows. New functions can be added at any time, so it is already able to take on all future mill management challenges. Senses gives Saurer customers the agility they need to deal with the constantly evolving textile industry.

“Shop for the future in the Senses Software Shop.“

Shop for the future

Digital mill management requirements can change in a flash and Saurer customers rely on Senses to allow them to react quickly. Our customers can discover new functional modules – Senses Elements – by simply visiting the online Shopping Tour in the Senses Software Shop, accessed right from the Senses menu via the shopping trolley icon.

Yazılım Mağazası genel bakış sayfası

In just a few clicks, they can activate new Senses Elements in the shop. The result? Senses’ range of functions expands and the mill management system is all set to deal with new challenges.

Full control, full data security

Since the Software Shop is seamlessly integrated into the mill management system, it provides the same robust level of data security as Senses. Other suppliers store their customers’ sensitive data in the cloud, but Senses is a locally hosted web application allowing spinning mills to retain full control of their data.

Three-month free trial

Thanks to our licensing model, you can try before you buy as all our Elements come with a three-month free trial. Once purchased, the licences last for one year. And if you opt not to extend a licence, all data related to the Element in question is frozen and becomes available again whenever a new licence is purchased.

With its real-time function, Senses brings clarity to manufacturing – in real time. And Senses Elements from the Software Shop enable textile companies to react to new challenges just as quickly. With flexible mill management becoming ever more important, Senses is the perfect tool for the future.

Sensibly connected.

  • One web application for the entire spinning mill production process
  • Analysis of production, quality and performance data across all departments and locations
  • Full data control and data security
  • Modular and expandable thanks to Senses Elements in the integrated Software Shop


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