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Let us boost your productivity and improve your winding mill’s performance.

Benefit from our original Autoconer parts, brand-name splicing components, updates and upgrades, preventive maintenance services and the latest special offers for your Autoconer X6 and all older models.

Automate your ring spinning mill: Our cross-wound package transport system is the most economic solution for unloading cross-wound packages from multiple winders with a high throughput and transporting them for further use. It can be retrofitted in various system and automation steps at your spinning mill.

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Our product range

Open prism OZ1

Open prism OZ1

New: Open prism without a cover with improved splice quality and a wider range of applications.

  • One prism for standard and injection
  • For standard yarns (CO, compact CO, CO blends)
  • For elastic core yarns, duo-core yarns, multi-core yarns
  • Easier handling
  • Reduced water consumption
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Autotense FX Autoconer 6

Autotense FX

offers precise continuous yarn tension control. You achieve cross-wound package densities that are optimally adapted to the requirements of downstream processes.  

  • Continuous, direct online measurement of the current thread tension
  • Constant thread tension for all cross-wound packages
  • Detection and compensation for tension fluctuations and tension peaks in piece bobbins, deformed bobbins, etc.
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FU Service

Frequency inverter service

Preventive maintenance ensures reliable production: Avoid unplanned machine downtime and reduce expenses for original parts.

  • Increase production reliability with proactive planning and state-of-the-art diagnostic technology.
  • Minimise downtime and production stoppages.
  • Extend the frequency inverters’ service lives.
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Saugdüse Autoconer

Suction nozzle, SmartJet

Switch to the fastest and most economical upper yarn detection for your Autoconer. With the high-performance combination of a new suction nozzle and SmartJet

  • Minimises energy costs by permitting vacuum reduction
  • Optimises package quality and reduces yarn waste
  • The SmartJet nozzle in the doffer boosts efficiency and reduces staff workload
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Consulting splicing technology Autoconer

Autoconer splicing components

  • Precision component for top splicing quality in appearance and strength
  • For outstanding reproducibility
  • Quick-change unit to reduce time-consuming manual settings and retooling
  • Optimal setting parameters for all standard yarns
  • Injection, thermo and elasto models for special applications
  • All splicers come ready for use, and with ceramic shears as standard.
  • Worldwide technological advice through our Customer Technology Centres.
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