Saurer celebrates 150 years of embroidery machines

On 31 August 2019, dignitaries, retired and current Embroidery Business Unit employees as well as members of the public came together to celebrate this anniversary in Arbon, Switzerland, where the company's journey as a manufacturer of textile machinery began.

In 1869, Saurer produced its first manual hand embroidery machine, taking advantage of the embroidery boom that was gripping the region at the time and changing the industry on a grand scale. Over the decades, we continued to refine and improve our shuttle embroidery machine, bringing many innovative technologies to market.

"While we can be proud of our achievement, we have to keep an eye on the future as our journey goes on. In the coming years, the business unit will continue in the pioneering footsteps of its founding family. We look forward to new successes, which will allow our customers to produce fabulous creations," says Efthimios Katsidis, General Manager, BU Embroidery, Saurer Technologies.