Dazzling sensation

Sequins can subtly enhance a design, or turn heads. These ever-trendy embellishments are applied by the Saurer SequinsHead on the Epoca 6 and Epoca 7 with precision and speed.

Sequins have been an integral part of fashion for centuries – according to “Smithsonian Magazine”, garments embellished with gold discs were discovered in the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun (1341 BC–1323 BC). Today, these decorations remain popular and fashionable, adding sparkle to a range of items from home textiles to haute couture.

Using our embroidery offerings, many of Saurer’s customers produce scintillating creations for the world’s great fashion houses, including Dolce&Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld and Hermès.

“All our customers do fantastic work – we are proud to play a small part in shaping their creations. It is also thrilling to see these beautiful garments displayed on the world’s most prestigious runways,” says Andreas Galiga, Textile Ennoblement Expert, BU Embroidery. “The range of possible designs is almost unlimited and we have seen many boundary-pushing concepts over the years.”

For most of their history, sequins were made out of (precious) metal. For a brief period in the 1930s, lightweight gelatine discs were used. However, these were impractical because they tended to melt easily and dissolve when coming into contact with liquids. Today, the sequins that Saurer’s SequinsHead applies are composed of strong laminated polyester.

“A stand-out feature of the SequinsHead attachment is the speed at which it does its job, applying up to 600 sequins a minute. This means that full surface designs can be generated rapidly even when using large repeats,” adds Andreas Galiga.

The discs can be applied in various ways, including in lines or using the triangle stitch. Skilled customers can master the challenge of attaching sequins so they are tilted – the result: a stunning effect where an embellished surface reveals different images/colours depending on which way the sequins are facing.

SequinsHead – fast and precise.

  • Part of the HeadLine System including LaserHead and SoutacheHead
  • Production speed of up to 600 rpm
  • Monitoring of single heads and an electronic drive ensure precision across the entire machine length
  • Easy and fast replacement of application heads
  • Can be expanded at any time by adding additional application heads
  • Integrated mending function


This article, which appeared in the 01 2020 edition of our "Insight" customer magazine, is available in four languages. Here you can also access the entire magazine.

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