Morarjee Textiles buys first Zinser 72 manufactured in India


Presentation of the Golden Zinser Spindle to Morarjee Textiles,India.

The first Zinser 72 machine to be manufactured in the new Zinser plant in India was ordered shortly prior to ITMA 2015 by the traditional Indian textile company Morarjee Textiles. Production commenced in the plant in Vadodara, in the state of Gujarat, in mid-September. Morarjee Textiles has ordered a fully automated production line from the German textile machinery manufacturer. It comprises seven brand-new ZinserSpeed 5A machines each with 160 spindles in 220 gauge, 22 ZinserImpact 72 machines with 1,824 spindles each and 22 Autoconer 6, type V package winders.

 Press release

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