BD 7: Yongtai Textile goes international with Saurer


Mr Chen Keba, General Manager of Yongtai Textile, at the BD 7.

The company is located in Danyang, Jiangsu Province, China.

The customer’s aspiration

Yongtai Textile Co. Ltd., located in Danyang in China’s Jiangsu Province, is a textile company with an agile, customer-oriented growth strategy. This up-and-coming rotor-spinning mill specialises in supplying quality small and medium-sized yarn lots faster and with greater flexibility than the competition. Since Yongtai operates in a price-sensitive competitive environment, it seeks to increase production so that it can complete its orders at an even faster rate. In the interest of saving costs, Yongtai also strives to lower its energy consumption levels and make more effective use of its workforce.

Taking the customer to the next level

Since 2016 with the arrival of Saurer’s Schlafhorst BD 6 and BD 7 rotor-spinning machines, the customer has seen an increase in productivity and profitability.

The swift take-up speed of the BD 7, which is up to 230 m/min, was an important criterion for Yongtai management when it made the decision to purchase the machines. “For our product range, the BD 7 has increased productivity by 10% at the present time,” explains Chen Keba, General Manager of Yongtai.

The customer’s energy consumption has also decreased since the installation of the new machines. A feature of the BD 7 that is making Yongtai’s operation more economical is the patented DigiPiecing technology. This system guarantees top-quality automatic piecing operations, which frees up personnel to do other work. Another patented system with integrated LED lights allows mill managers to check every single spinning position at a glance, eliminating the need for staff to make inspection rounds. However, these are not the only labour-saving features this machine offers.

“The entire rotor spinning machine is openly accessible. This saves us the laborious removal of covers during checks and maintenance. In addition, since using the BD 7, dust development has been significantly reduced. That’s why we can use our staff noticeably more efficiently,” explains Mr Chen.

The BD 7 has exceeded Yongtai’s expectations repeatedly, which has inspired the company to take its expansion strategy to new dimensions. It plans to establish a new, state-of-the-art production site in neighbouring Vietnam in the near future. “This will be an important milestone in our history,” says Mr Chen. “We are delighted to have found a strategic partner in Schlafhorst who accompanies us on this journey with its great machines and expertise in textile technology.

About Yongtai Textile

Established in 2000, the company employs 150 people and produces polyester blends and cotton yarn up to Ne 20. Its customers use these to manufacture home and technical textiles as well as clothing. Yongtai’s annual yarn output for the Chinese market is 6 000 tons. The company intends to expand into Vietnam in the near future.


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