BD 480: High rotor speeds increase productivity by 20%


Amaravathi Textiles’ management team. From left to right: Mr Ramesh Pullela, General Manager; Mr Prudhvi Venkata Ramana Rao, Quality Assurance Manager; and Mr Nimmagadda Prasakasa Rao, Production Manager.

The customer’s aspiration 

The mill of Amaravathi Textiles in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, is equipped with almost 5 400 BD spinning positions and produces 4 600 tons of cotton yarn per year. The company is constantly striving to increase its productivity. Amaravathi is also eager to increase the level of automation at the site in order to boost its profit margin. The company is facing challenging market circumstances characterised by power outages, irregularities in raw material and high energy costs.

Taking the customer to the next level

Since the installation of its new BD 480 machines, Amaravathi has experienced a number of beneficial changes. The company has increased its productivity by an impressive 20 per cent. It now permanently operates its semi-automatic rotor spinning machines at a speed of 105 000 rpm. Energy consumption has also decreased substantially – Amaravathi now uses almost 15 per cent less per kilogram of yarn produced. 

Saurer Schlafhorst has been investing in the development of semi-automatic rotor spinning machines for half a century. The company offers proven machine quality to European standards while sales of over 3 million BD spinning positions speak for themselves. Decades of experience went into the design of the BD 480, a machine that is having a fundamental impact on operations at Amaravathi.

Due the BD 480’s stability and robustness, mill managers at the company can now keep rotor speed high continuously during operation.

The well-conceived ergonomic concept of the BD 480 with its many time-saving qualities ensures high productivity with minimum manpower. Using a feature unique to Saurer Schlafhorst machines – Joint Spinning In (JSI) technology – the BD 480 returns to full production in under six minutes after a power failure. As this swift run-up process is fully automatic, personnel can use their time effectively, continuing with their regular tasks.

The machine’s energy-saving concept – the Electronic Vacuum Adjustment (EVA) system – and optimised aerodynamics provide a constant spinning vacuum from the first to the last spinning box. Additionally the BD 480 is resistant to raw material irregularities, thus providing Amaravathi with more flexibility for cost optimisation. Since factory floor space is valuable, Saurer tailors the machine length to the customer’s specifications. The BD 480’s compact design also ensures maximum production per square metre.


About Amaravathi Textiles

Established in 1986, the company employs 2 000 people and produces home textiles for the international market. Amaravathi Textiles covers the entire textile value chain to the finished product. Its buyer network stretches across the globe and includes organisations from 18 countries on six continents.


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