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We pride ourselves in providing our customers with innovative solutions that are tailored to their individual needs, boosting productivity and making their businesses more economical.

Below you will find out how clients across the world are benefitting from Saurer products and services.

BD 7: Yongtai Textile goes international with Saurer


The customer’s aspiration Yongtai Textile Co. Ltd., located in Danyang in China’s Jiangsu Province, is a textile company with an agile, customer-oriented growth strategy. This up-and-coming rotor-spinning mill specialises...More

BD 480: High rotor speeds increase productivity by 20%


The customer’s aspiration  The mill of Amaravathi Textiles in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, is equipped with almost 5 400 BD spinning positions and produces 4 600 tons of cotton yarn per year. The company is...More

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