Boards and Committees

Saurer Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd.

Members of the Board

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Pan Xueping, Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • Chinese citizen
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering EMBA, China Europe International Business School
  • CEO of Jinsheng Enterprise Co., Ltd., Chairman of the
  • Strategy Committee and Member of the Remuneration and Nominating Committee
  • Executive Director of Zhuolang Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Vice Chairman of several organizations (China Textile Machinery and Equipment Association, China Textile Engineering Society, China Textile Industry Enterprise Management Association, China Textile Entrepreneurs Federation, Chang Changzhou Industry and Trade Association)
  • previously Managing Director of Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Pacific Group's Shanghai Textile Machinery Plant, Jintan Textile Machinery Plant Director and Jintan Huajin Machinery Plant
  • Extensive corporate governance and strategy development experience.

Clement Woon, Director

  • Singapore citizen
  • Master Degree in Industrial Engineering, University Singapore
  • Bachelor of Economics, Fudan University
  • MBA, Nanyang Technology University
  • 1992-2007 President Leica
  • 2007-2011 CEO SATS Singapore
  • 2012-2014 CEO Oerlikon Textile
  • Since 2014 Co-President and Co-CEO Jinsheng Group
  • Various Board Member positions

Stefan Kross, Director  

  • German citizen
  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.), RWTH Aachen University
  • Member of the Strategy and Audit Committee
  • Joined Saurer 1990 and was engaged in various management positions
  • Former Board Member of Saurer Schlafhorst
  • In 2004 he became CTO of the textile division of Saurer Group
  • Since 2012 he was CEO of Oerlikon Manmade Fiber
  • Since 2013 he was member of the Executive Committee of the Oerlikon Group
  • Has many years of experience in the textile industry

Chen Jieping, Independent Director

  • Chinese citizen
  • Master and PhD in Business Administration, University of Houston
  • Chairman of Audit Committee and Remuneration and Nomination Committee
  • Former Dean and since 2009 Professor of Accounting, China International Business School
  • He has 13 years of coaching experience at the City University of Hong Kong and was a professor at the Department of Accounting
  • Independent non-executive director of several companies (Shenzhen World Bank Real Estate Consulting Co., Ltd., Jinmao (China) Hotel Investment Management Co., Zhuozhi Holdings Co., Ltd., Shanghai La Chapelle, Apparel Co., Ltd.)

Mr. Xie Manlin, Independent Director

  • Chinese citizen
  • Bachelor in Law, Southwest University of Political Science and Law
  • Master's Degree in Law, University of Nanjing
  • Member of Audit Committee and Remuneration and Nomination Committee
  • Director of Jiangsu Law Firm Xie Manlin
  • Independent Director of Jiangsu Nanda Souffet Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Putian, Communication Co., Ltd.
  • Legal adviser to the People's Government of Jiangsu Province and People's Government of Nanjing City
  • Nanjing Bar Association Supervisor
  • Nanjing Jinling Law Firm attorney

Daniel Zeng, Secretary to the Board

  • Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Saurer Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • German citizen
  • Bachelor degree from the Institute of Computer Science and Technology, University of Beijing
  • Master in Economics, University of Hannover
  • Former CFO of ZF (China) Investment Co., Ltd
  • Extensive experience in international financial management

Supervisory Board

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Zhang Yueping, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

  • Chinese Citizen
  • Co-CEO and President of Jinsheng Group
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Design and Automation
  • Senior Enigineer EMBA, China Europe International Business School
  • Served as Vice President and Deputy General Manager of Jinsheng Corporation Manager, Executive Vice President Managing Director of Sura (Jintan) Co., Ltd., and Technical Director and Deputy Managing Director of Jintan Textile Machinery Plant
  • Prior to that, he worked in the development departement at Changchai Group's Jintan diesel engine factory
  • Extensive technical and management experience

Jin Hao, Supervisor

  • Chinese Citizenship
  • Bachelor of Law, University of Beijing Master of Law, Fudan University / University of Pennsylvania
  • Qualifications as a Lawyer in China and New York, USA
  • Extensive Experience in Legal Practice in China and Abroad
  • Worked as a lawyer for a number of well-known Chinese and foreign law firms

Pei Guoqing, Supervisor

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Technology, China
  • Master's Degree in Business Administration, China Europe International Business School
  • Senior Engineer
  • Deputy General Manager of Zhuolang (Changzhou) Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. He worked in Jiangsu Jintan Textile Machinery Factory and Jiangsu Gold. Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. 

Group Executive Management

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Clement Woon, CEO 
  • Singapore citizen
  • Born 1959
  • Master Degree in Industrial Engineering, University Singapore
  • Bachelor of Economics, Fudan University
  • MBA, Nanyang Technology University
  • 1992-2007 President Leica 
  • 2007-2011 CEO SATS Singapore 
  • 2012-2014 CEO Oerlikon Textile
  • Since 2014 Co-President and Co-CEO Jinsheng Group
  • Various Board Member positions
Jesse Guan, COO
  • Chinese citizen
  • Born 1970
  • Bachelor of Science in Thermal  Engineering Tianjin University
  • Research at Institute of Technology University Manchester, 
  • EMBA China Europe International Business School
  • Various managerial industry positions: 2003-2006 TI Automotive VP Operations China, 2006-2011 Managing Director Asia Pacific
  • Since 2011 Co-President and Executive President Jinsheng Group
Jenny Lu, CFO 

  • Chinese citizen
  • Born 1973
  • Bachelor of Economics, Fudan University
  • EMBA, China Europe International Business School
  • Senior Auditor PWC, Director in Transaction Services Department PWC, Vice President
  • CFO of Overseas Business Jingsheng Group
Peter Moser, CHRO
  • Swiss citizen
  • Born 1961
  • Betr. Oec. Applied Business Administration, University Innsbruck
  • MSc. in Human Resources, University of Wales
  • 1982-2009 Senior Vice President Human Resources Leica Geosystems
  • 2009-2017 Executive Vice President Human Resources Swissport International
Peter Trinkl, CSO
  • Swiss citizen
  • Born 1962
  • Diploma in Electronic Engineering Technical University of Munich
  • Business Administration, University of St. Gallen & Harvard University
  • CTO Siemens Acccess Networks AG, CSO Cablecom AG
  • Chief Development Officer Orange Communications S.A.
  • CEO Orange Liechtenstein
  • CSO Swisscom Mobile AG
  • Partner in several M&A Firms
Anton Kehl, CTO
  • Swiss citizen
  • Born 1965
  • Diploma in Electronic Engineering University of Applied Science Buchs
  • Postgraduate studies in Software ETH Zurich, in International Management University Liechtenstein
  • MBA from University Cheltenham
  • 35 years with Leica in various technical and managerial positions
  • 2011 – 2015 President of the Construction Division
Marianna Zangrillo, CBPO
  • Italian citizen
  • Born 1974
  • Law Degree, University of Rome
  • LLM in contract and commercial law, University of Helsinki
  • MBA in international management, University of London, Royal Holloway
  • PhD in Supply Chain Management, Aalto University (former Helsinki University of Technology)
  • 17+ years experience in global organizations prior to Saurer (QPR Software, Nokia, Kemira, Orion, Swissport)
  • Entrepreneurial experience (co-founder, funds raiser and co-owner of ThirdPresence, a Finnish technology start up)