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Saurer Texparts AR5047

Contact roll assemblies AR

Texparts AR provide the necessary, reliable belt contact pressure to the spindle wharves. The modular design consists of leaf spring links with angle brackets and contact rolls with integrated bearing units. All Texparts AR contact roll assemblies are using the same integrated deep groove ball bearing unit. The modular design of the Texparts AR series allows the use of various pulleys with different diameters and heights to adapt the AR assemblies to standard and sectional tangential drive systems. AR Contact roll assemblies are offered for spindle gauges from 70 mm up to 90 mm. Also one-sided Texparts AR contact roll assemblies are available.


  • Modular design for all known tangential drive systems
  • Robust integrated deep groove ball bearing unit with the highest loading capacity at smallest required space
  • Steel pulleys with guide flange for an easy mounting of the belt
  • Linear spring rate
  • Energy saving
  • Low noise level
  • Less maintenance and long re-lubricating intervals
  • Easy access from front side to relubricate the lubricating bore
  • Highest angularity accuracy of the contact rolls for a perfect guiding of the drive belts
  • Contact roll covered on both sides against fibre fly accumulation at rotating elements


  • AR 5024 for ring spinning machines with a belt width up to 16 mm at max
  • AR 3528 for ring spinning machines with a belt width up to 20 mm at max
  • AR 5047 for ring spinning machines with a belt width up to 40 mm at max
Saurer Texparts SR23 SR28

Tension pulleys SR

Texparts bearings SR are designed to function as guide pulleys as well as tensioners in tangential belt and tape drives. The user can choose the right SR types according to his special load case, his intended mounting option and his required space.


  • High running precision
  • Low noise level
  • Simple, practical installation
  • Low maintenance requirements


  • SR 28 for guiding the tangential belt
  • SR 45 for guiding and tensioning the tape or the belt in spindle drives
  • SR 5047 for guiding and tensioning the tape or the belt in spindle drive
Saurer Texparts FR232

Guide rollers FR

Texparts guide rollers FR are designed as guide rollers for belt drives as well as bearing units in gear mechanisms and pulleys. The combination of a ball bearing and a roller bearing enables the bearing units FR to manage extremely high radial forces. The guide rollers are universally usable and can be easily mounted due to the attached nut. Texparts bearing units FR are not exclusively developed for the textile industry but can also be used in different general engineering applications.

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