Training at Saurer – a cool start to the world of work

What we apprentices and trainees say about Saurer

The trainees at Schlafhorst are very proud to start their working life in this internationally renowned company.

Here they report on their experiences of starting work and of their training period.

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Opinions of apprentices and trainees

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Felix The structured task allocation during training at Schlafhorst means that there is always clarity about the progress of current projects which leads to a very enjoyable, calm working atmosphere.
Alexander On the one hand I like it that you can do a lot independently at Schlafhorst, but best of all, I like it very much that there are a wide range of activities at Schlafhorst.
Michael It is amazingly nice how helpful the colleagues are at Schlafhorst and how diverse the work is here.
Justin We trainees are taken seriously and are given responsible tasks by our trainers here at Schlafhorst.
Joyce We work in numerous different departments at Schlafhorst, which are also important for training in the vocational school.
Ömer Schlafhorst provides us with an excellent preparation for examinations.
Patrick The atmosphere here at Schlafhorst is pleasant and friendly, and if we have questions, the trainees are helped immediately.
Sebastian If you haven't understood a subject fully, the trainer and colleagues here at Schlafhorst are always willing to help.
Simon What I like very much at Schlafhorst is that work assignments are individual and each trainee is challenged accordingly.
Stefan What I like best are the relationships between colleagues and the working times at Schlafhorst.
Yolando I think it is good that the working climate between colleagues at Schlafhorst is very relaxed and there is a lot of variety during the training course.
Enrico The variety in the different activities at Schlafhorst is what I like a lot in particular. Our superiors at Schlafhorst always have an open ear for our problems and what I like most is that our own creativity is encouraged.