Historical Milestones

We would like to invite you on a journey through the history of Saurer. Find the key milestones from the beginnings of our company up to the present day.

2013 The new Saurer Group is re-established
2012 The Jinsheng Group anounces the acquisition of the entire natural fibre and components business of OC Oerlikon
Market launch of Volkmann CT eco – New twisting machine with eco-servo drive concept
Market launch of new machine generation ZinserRing 71 and ZinserImpact 71
2011 Participation at ITMA Barcelona with successful market launches of:
- quantum leap in rotor spinning: Autocoro 8
- the new two-for-one twisting machine Allma TC2 for industrial yarns
- the highspeed embroidery machines Epoca 6 and Epoca 6pro
- the new Accotex pressfit cot J 465
Allma CC4, the energy-saving miracle, wins "Tire Technology Award for Innovation and Excellence
2009 The longest ring spinning machine in the world: Zinser 351 with 1680 spindles
2008 Integration of Fibrevision Ltd. within the business unit Oerlikon Textile Components
2007 Schlafhorst - Introduction of the groundbreaking, drumless yarn displacement system PreciFX
Takeover of the Saurer Group by OC Oerlikon
2006 Restart as Temco Components GmbH after the take over by the Saurer Group
2005 The Saurer Group establishes a joint venture with Jinsheng
The Saurer Group acquires a share equity of Fibrevision Ltd.
1999 Saurer takes over what is left of the textile components business and establishes TEXParts GmbH in Fellbach
Accotex, Datex - Day International acquires all Armstrong Textile activities worldwide
Supply of the 2.500.000 twisting spindle worldwide
Launch of Belcoro brand
1997 Foundation of subsidiary company in Suzhou, China
1995 Foundation of Fibrevision Ltd. in Macclesfield, England
1994 Split off from FAG and sale to the investment fund ECP. Renamed Temco Textilmaschinenkomponenten GmbH
1991 Takeover of Schlafhorst by the Saurer Group
1990 Fusion of the companies Allma, Hamel and Volkmann to Saurer Twisting Systems – Member of Saurer Group
1983 Schlafhorst AG & Co. becomes majority shareholder of Zinser Textilmaschinen GmbH
1980 Day International, the successor of Dayton Rubber Company, relocates production to Asheville,NC and starts marketing the textile components under the brandname Daytex
1978 Schlafhorst - The first Autocoro - the world's first fully automatic rotor spinning machine
1975 Texparts - Establishment of Singapore plant
1972 Accotex - Armstrong introduces first stressless Pressfit Cot concept to replace conventional glue-on cots
1969 Schlafhorst - The first BD machine in the world
1967 ITMA in Basel - ITMA in Basel - first ring spinning machine with Zinser CoWeMat
1962 Autoconer 107, the first automatic package winding machine from Schlafhorst
1960 Allma is taken over by Saurer AG, Arbon/Switzerland and renamed as Saurer-Allma GmbH
1957 Temco - FAG Kugelfischer takes over the company Meister in Hammelburg as production site and starts with the production of components for textile applications
1949 Foundation of Zinser Textilmaschinen GmbH
1947 Manufacturing of the first ring twisting machine developed by Allma
1946 Foundation of Messrs. Allma Allgäuer Maschinenbau. Production of urgently needed consumer goods and repair of textile and paper-making machines
Armstrong starts marketing the products under the brandname Accotex
1938 Daytex - Dayton Rubber Company Ltd., Dundee Scotland launches synthetic rubber products for the textile industry under the name Dayco
1922 Accotex - Armstrong start production of Cots and Aprons in USA
1921 Texparts - Foundation of Vereinigte Kugellagerfabriken AG (VKF) in Cannstatt
1914 Eugen Zinser registers the first Zinser spindle with the Kaiserliche Patentamt (Imperial Patent Office)
1912 Hippolyt Saurer develops the first automatic embroidery machine (replacement for the pantograph)
1910 Volkmann - Re-winder and winding machines as well as accessories for local textile industry
1905 Daytex - Dayton Rubber Company is founded in Dayton, Ohio USA as a manufacturer of garden hoses and fruit jar sealing rings
1904 Foundation of machine works and iron foundry Volkmann & Co. In Krefeld, Germany
1900 Schlafhorst - Patents for a pirn winding machine and a cone winding machine
1884 Company foundation of W. Schlafhorst
1869 Construction of the first hand embroidery machine by Franz Saurer
1860 Accotex -Thomas Armstrong starts with a cork-cutting shop in Pittsburgh USA
1853 Establishment of the Franz Saurer foundry

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