Saurer Group

Company Profile

The re-established Saurer Group looks back on 160 years of experience in improving production processes at different stages of the textile value chain. Ground breaking innovations in productivity, product lifetime and service are borne out of the passion we have for our products. With constant focus on our customers’ needs we set ourselves ambitious, still achievable goals and strive for excellence in all what we do.

The Saurer Group plays an essential role at different levels of the textile value chain. Despite the fact that staple yarn processing still today is the core of activities, Saurer has over the years evolved into being more. Saurer Schlafhorst offers automation systems for the spinning mill. Allma and Volkmann are today also leading in their respective fields of activities in twisting and cabling systems for tire cord, carpet yarns and glass filament yarns. Saurer Embroidery is market leader in shuttle embroidery. The innovations of Saurer Components business unit are setting the industry standards in both staple and filament yarn processing.